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A couple of weeks back, I found three fleas total on the girls, and wanted to get on it right away. I got two doses of Advantage from the Vet and treated, and am now wondering how long is the application effective for?


Kare Bear and Tess have always been real clean dogs without frequent baths, but I have been noticing that when I pet them, I am getting a waxy white residue on my hands which I never got before. It's almost like the Advantage is a dirt magnet. It's been 19 days since the application. Am I ok to give them a bath now, or does it actively prevent fleas for a full month? All I got when I bought the doses was a small slip of paper showing how to apply it, and two single use tubes. There was no package, nor product insert with any additional information.


This is the first time ever, since 1997 when we adopted our first Greyhound, that I have had any fleas on any of them. We have been fortunate until now to never have them, so I am a little ignorant about the treatments.

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The treatment is normally good for one month (one little tube on the skin of the withers). And yes, you can bathe them now. Note that the Advantage website says they should be bathed with a non-detergent shampoo (?). However, I use whatever my dog shampoo of the season is and I've never had a problem with washing the Advantage off (and I live in a notorious flea area).

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You can give them a bath.

I think non detergent means don't wash them with something like Dawn. I saw a sight where they said Advantage would survive one bath with a non grese cutting shampoo.

A general rule of thumb many follow is no baths two days before or after. It will keep working the rest of the the month even if you bathe them now. I am not sure exactly how long it lasts as I only use it on the very infrequent occassions when I spot a flea.



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