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Rest Well, Chester

Guest LadyChester

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Guest LadyChester

My sweet Chessie, aka Chester B. Goode (Texas Ramrod), went to the Bridge yesterday. My handsome cowdog's heart was willing to stay but his body could not. It was one of the most difficult decisions I've ever made in my life. He had a wonderful day on Saturday, as my Dad and his hounds came to visit, and we all spent a lot of time outside playing in the beautiful September sunshine.


Chester suffered a terrible racing injury that shattered his femur and severely injured his knee. He was screaming in pain on a "kill truck," from which he was literally stolen. His leg was temporarily set and he was put on the next haul out, which happened to be going to Nittany Greyhounds in PA. He had major surgery and recovered at Nittany's adoption kennel for a couple months, but became increasingly depressed and stopped eating. He also needed to have physical therapy several times a day, which was difficult in the adoption kennel.


I made arrangements to board my first grey, Lady, at the adoption kennel when I went back to Penn State for my graduation from my doctoral program. Lady and Chester were in runs next to one another, and they were turned out together. Lady proved to be a great comfort to Chessie, so he came home with me as my first "foster."


The minute he arrived at my home (after I carried him up the steps in my 3 story townhouse), he laid down on the new dog bed I'd purchased for him, and he changed totally. He was completely content and instantly became a happy, loving boy. I've never had a hound settle in more easily -- it was literally like he'd always been there. He was clearly home.


Chester and I went through a lot together. We were quite a pair! The day before I brought him home, I had really twisted my ankle. I was carrying Chessie up and down the stairs and a few days later found out my ankle was actually broken. When my neuromuscular disease started and I could barely walk, he doted on me, gave me loads of kisses, and made me laugh. He struggled with his bad leg all of his life, but was incredibly stoic, and a happy, goofy boy in spite of it all. He loved to run and romp in the yard more than anything, although he always paid the price the next day. But still he ran, and his whole face would beam with delight. I talked with my vet about whether I should limit his activities, and she said that if it made him that happy to let him run.


Nittany Greyhounds did not know they were getting an extra dog when Chessie arrived on that haul. Yet they went the extra mile to do what needed to be done for my special boy, and he ended up having 8 1/2 more greyt years. This inspired me to get more involved in greyhound adoption, and in many ways, Chessie was the driving force behind the founding of Connecticut Greyhound Adoption. He was a wonderful ambassadog and welcomed at least 100 short- and long-term fosters to our home.


The kind folks at Nittany named him Chester B. Goode, after the hop-a-long character from Gunsmoke, and they couldn't have chosen a more fitting name. He was the perfect dog in every way ... a heart of gold, a sweet, goofy guy who gave kisses, and never ever did anything wrong. He was even dismayed when the others did something naughty. I always called him "my good boy, Chester" because he was simply that -- a remarkably good boy. Always.


Run free and without pain, Chessie. Your brothers and I miss you terribly already.

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What a moving story. I am so very sorry for your loss. He sounds like such a wonderful boy.


Cindy with Miss Fancypants, Paris Bueller, Zeke, and Angus 
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Oh my goodness, Chester sounds like such a wonderful, loving dog and also sounds as if that love was returned in so many ways. Please know that my heart aches for you...it is never easy. Run free, sweet Chester, without pain and on 4 good, healthy legs.

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I'm so sorry Chester had to leave. What a sweet special boy he was. Godspeed Chester. Your mom obviously loved you a lot.

Judy, mom to Darth Vader, Bandita, And Angel

Forever in our hearts, DeeYoGee, Dani, Emmy, Andy, Heart, Saint, Valentino, Arrow, Gee, Bebe, Jilly Bean, Bullitt, Pistol, Junior, Sammie, Joey, Gizmo, Do Bee

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My heart goes out to you on the loss of your exceptional companion. Every person should love a dog as you have loved Chester, and every dog should have a person like yourself to appreciate him.


Godspeed, special fellow.

Star aka Starz Ovation (Ronco x Oneco Maggie*, litter #48538), Coco aka Low Key (Kiowa Mon Manny x Party Hardy, litter # 59881), and mom in Illinois
We miss Reko Batman (Trouper Zeke x Marque Louisiana), 11/15/95-6/29/06, Rocco the thistledown whippet, 04/29/93-10/14/08, Reko Zema (Mo Kick x Reko Princess), 8/16/98-4/18/10, the most beautiful girl in the whole USA, my good egg Joseph aka Won by a Nose (Oneco Cufflink x Buy Back), 09/22/2003-03/01/2013, and our gentle sweet Gidget (Digitizer, Dodgem by Design x Sobe Mulberry), 1/29/2006-11/22/2014, gone much too soon. Never forgetting CJC's Buckshot, 1/2/07-10/25/10.

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Thank you for sharing Chester's story. I am so sorry for your loss.

Say not in grief, "he is no more," but live in thankfulness that he was. ~ Hebrew proverb

Irene Ullmann w/Flying Odin in Lower Delaware
Angels Brandy, John E, American Idol, Paul, Fuzzy and Shine
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I am very sorry to hear of Chester's passing. He sounds like one of those perfect boys who is goofy and just let's life happen.


Run free Chester, run free sweetie... :gh_run

Kyle with Stewie ('Super C Ledoux, Super C Sampson x Sing It Blondie) and forever missing my three angels, Jack ('Roy Jack', Greys Flambeau x Miss Cobblepot) and Charlie ('CTR Midas Touch', Leo's Midas x Hallo Argentina) and Shelby ('Shari's Hooty', Flying Viper x Shari Carusi) running free across the bridge.

Gus an coinnich sinn a'rithist my boys and little girl.

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I'm so sorry. :grouphug


Cynthia, & Cristiano, galgo
Always in my heart: Frostman
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"It came to me that every time I lose a dog they take a piece of my heart with them. And every new dog who comes into my life, gifts me with a piece of their heart. If I live long enough, all the components of my heart will be dog, and I will become as generous and loving as they are." -- Unknown

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I'm so sorry. :cry1 What a wonderful tribute to a special boy.


Godspeed Chester.

Standard Poodle Daisy (12/13); Greys Hildy (Braska Hildy 7/10), Toodles (BL Toodles 7/09), Opal (Jax Opal 7/08)
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