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He's Getting Braver!

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My Hoover, (Fuzzy's Stingray), was my first (and so far) only foster. The first few months he was with us it was cold and snowy; and the cast on his leg meant pretty much just leash walks in the yard. I knew from taking him for rechecks at his surgeons office that he wasn't a fan of men..or kids or most women. :rolleyes: When I was able to start getting him out more he was terrified..if a man so much as came out of a car or onto the doorstep Hoover would cry; hide behind me..try to pull me home, etc.

My adult daughter; my female friends, he now adores.. he's stopped howling and hiding at the sight of a man..(though he keeps his distance). But he's gotten better.. at the park or events he'll walk past men...(specially if his "big sister" is at his side.)

BUT.. Friday.. (all by himself..no big sister to lean on) he had to go see the vet. Third time he's been there and he's tried to hide under the table each time. I guess he's getting to be a "big boy" now...(after 9 whole months). Dr. K squated on the other side of the room and said.."well..Hoover... last time you hid and you barked at me.. and then you cried. I won't hurt you..Is it okay if I see why you don't feel good?"

Hoover didn't bark...he didn't back up..he didn't cry... then he took a couple steps toward Dr. K and let him pet him...and do a full exam without a whimper.

My little boy is growing up! He's getting brave!

('cept he did get a panicked look and 'bout flew into the car when a man in the parking lot spoke to us!)

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I've got one like that!! It's been nine months since we got Micah but we are moving along! He now gets totally excited whenever I come home and he actually kisses me ...sometimes while he's really excited. Best of all, he started to lean against me while being petted or brushed (mitt) and he comes flying to us when we call him to go out or come in from the yard. Still doesn't like men very much. Why are so many of them afraid of men? We still haven't conquered getting in and out of the car...working on that. Most importantly, we are starting to see some of the fear leaving. I can't wait to see what he's going to be like when he doesn't feel the fear of everything so much. Congrats to you and Hoover!

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That's AWESOME!!!!!!


I about cried the first time Cash actually made a move towards a stranger rather than away. She didn't let the stranger pet her! But it was a - quite literally - small step in the right direction!


Good job!

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:clap Baby steps will take you far, Hoover, good boy, :dogcookie Your mom is doing a wonderful job with you. Picturing him taking those steps toward Dr. K. made my allergies kick in, like Greysmom did with Cash. :thumbs-up

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Good job and way to go, Hoover! (I had a cat named that once - yes, after the vacuum. The 5 second rule never even got a chance to be used around here! I miss that boy.)


Goose wasn't quite that shy, but was afraid of everything, including his own shadow. A ball bouncing 6 houses away was enough to send him pulling for home. Now, he will eagerly push up towards people, but still doesn't want to be petted by men, but will accept a few from some women. Almost two years later, we are still evolving. I love my shy boy! It is so very rewarding to see them morph into the dog they have hidden inside! Each step is such a cause for celebration!


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Hoover was named for the vacuum, too! He had that darned cone on his head after surgery and between scarfing up anything and everything he could find with his nose the way the sound seemed louder inside the cone I just knew he had to be "Hoover"!

Sometimes it's been sooo frustrating... like walking with Miss Minty who trots along confidently and responds to even hand commands.. then Hoover.. who will let out a whine and howl and pull back and plant his feet while hiding behind me because.. alas.. a man is in his yard with a (gasp!) toddler! My mom went from "why did you want to take on such a problem?" to "oh...he's so sweet; he just needed love from grandma."

He's still got a way to go.. I don't know if he'll ever truly be comfortable with men or kids. But he's never growly or snappy with them. He did go to GIG..(okay, so he needed a lot of time outs...the boy does love his xpen or crate)..and he did a tiny bit better at Grapehounds.

Dewey? Well.. we'll see..he does love the water.. i have a feeling he might be the one IN the water.

But I gotta admit.. it's so rewarding to see just the little baby steps that he accomplishes. :)

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Guest Mollysmom10

That's great to hear that he's getting braver and more comfortable. When I first got Molly, she was afraid of men, and one day a friend came by and she just stood there and peed all over my floor. Poor baby -- after a few years though, she was the first one to greet everyone at the door!!! Yay for Hoover!!

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