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Mercedes Again!

Guest dwolfe711

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Guest dwolfe711

Miss Mercedes has decided that she likes having her foot wrapped in bandages!! Last evening she took off down the yard chasing a bunny that continues to be stupid enough to come inside the fence! She then did her business and came in and laid down. Soon after Rip and Ellie came in and I suddenly notice a few partial bloody footprints on the floor and carpet – started checking the two standing up – nothing. Then looked at Mercedes and saw blood on her paw and the bed. Looking closer the nail on her little toe (beside the amped toe) was at a right angle and appeared to be hanging. Okay – we’re thinking torn out toenail. Well Dave cleaned it up – she was crying so I got a treat and sneaked in some deramaxx – he decided it didn’t seem too bad and wasn’t torn off. Called the vet which was ready to close and made an appt for 1:15 today so they could look at it. As we continued to monitor it last evening we decided that it really was not attached by much – it had a lot of wiggle.


Dave just called – after the vet got a good look at it she decided that the nail was completed torn – but had not severed the quick. Best option was to pull it out – which they decided to do with a local. Dave said she did one scream and then was fine – it took awhile to get the bleeding stopped but once it did they cleaned it up again and put a bandage on it and she walked out like nothing happened. So she is on Tramadol and deramaxx for a day or two and antibiotics for at least a week – we’re to keep it bandaged for two or three days then let it open to the air. Dave said she appears to be fine now – hopefully it will not hurt her anymore. So one missing toe and one missing toenail on the left rear paw – the good news is Dave now has two less nails to clip!!


It's always something!! :rolleyes:



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