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Rainey Has Had A 3Rd Seizure. Not Good News.

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this one was only 5 days from the last (Wed 8/25 -- which I did not post about) and was very severe. She went in for the liver failure test on Sunday, that came back fine, so it's not that. Both doctors are fairly sure it's a brain tumor/lesion. We started her on phenobarbital last night (just got her 3rd one, 1 grain/60 mg 2 times a day). I was home with her all day and she has whined and cried literally incessantly, not in pain, just like she's starving or something. Called the doctor, he has no idea if the pheno is causing the whining.


I also emailed Dr. Couto last night, and unfortunately got the same diagnosis as our 2 here -- given her age, most cases of seizures are due to brain lesions/tumors. :cry1 :cry1


worse thing is we took a close look at her head just a 1/2 hour ago -- there is a large lump on the right side (over her eye ), about 1.5 to 2 times larger than the lump on the left side -- and it's her right side that seems to be affected. :( I'm fairly confident this was NOT there, even a couple days ago.


we have an appointment for an MRI on 9/14. THey will have to put her under to do it so I'm not even sure at this point if it should be done at all.


I am still praying we can fix this, whether with the meds or just prayer.


if you can spare yet another prayer for our sweet little girl, she sure could use it. I just hope we do the right thing by her, that's all I ask.


:cry1 she is my baby girl and I don't know if I can live without her.




update Wed 9/1


we were able to get her an appointment with the new neurologist at Arboretum View hospital (where she had her bloat surgery and where she was just last July when she ate the couch) for tomorrow, instead of having to wait another 2-3 weeks for the other place. I'm still not sure if we'll do the MRI but I definitely want her looked at by a specialist.


She is whining constantly, incessantly and loudly almost every minute she's awake. She at least was quiet for a little while after I fed her yesterday, but today she's whining starting immediately after feeding her at 12:30. It's horrible. It's making me crazy, because I don't know what is the matter!!!! and it's constant. :( I'm about at my wit's end. :( She is also having problems going up/down the stairs and seems to be running into things more, which I expect from the med's, but not this horrible whining and crying (she is NOT in pain, at least not that I can see, at all). Called the doctor yesterday and he had no idea, said he's never heard of a dog doing that after being put on Pheno. All I can guess is she's starving, but I'm feeding her more than she usually gets, just gave her some green beans, and still crying! How much more am I to feed her??? and it would have to be constantly!


I don't know if this is a reaction to the meds (guessing go), and if it will stop in a few days -- if not, I don't know what to do at this point, she is so unhappy, it would almost be better if she HAD the seizures, I don't know! :(


thanks again for everyone's advice and prayers, if anything can help I know they can :(




Update 9/2 after doctor visit


Hi guys,


Rainey's back home :)


we spent a lot of time with the neurologist, we opted to do blood work and a chest xray first before the MRI to see if anything showed up (chest xray to see if any cancer there, if so, no need for MRI). All are ok, but then they couldn’t do the MRI today so we have an appt for next Wed. I guess we just drop her off and then pick her up later, not how I want to do it, I want to be there when they do it. We’ll have to see. we both really liked this doctor, he's very knowledgeable and at least gave us some options, where our regular vet really didn't...


He did prescribe another drug, Keppra (levetiracetam) – it’s $291 for a month but with Walgreen’s club it’s down to $139 for 90 pills. We can take her off the 2 x a day of the phenol which is causing big problems to 1 x a day in 3 days, then off it completely in 10, so hope she goes back to normal (and the new med works). We have till next week to decide on the MRI I guess... :(


it would be great if the MRI came back clear (and the spinal tap they do too) and the new meds controlled the seizures and didn't have many if any at all side effects...I know that's being over hopeful but that's what I'm praying for


thanks again for the hugs and prayers -- I know they are helping!



quick update 9/4


sorry I haven't posted, things have been crazy here... I can't thank you guys enough for all the kind words, prayers, and helpful advice. This is probably the only thing keeping me sane at this point...


Well, things aren’t really any better and may be a little worse….she’s REALLY ataxic and stumbling with the new meds (guessing), really really bad at night for some reason. We think it may be because she simply exhausts herself by staying up and whining all day and just collapses at night. I called the neurologist that we saw on Thursday that prescribed it but he's gone until Tuesday (and no other neurologists there but him) to see if this is "normal". Tonight is the last phenol we’ll have to give her at night (7pm) and then only 7 more days after that of the morning one. (she gets the phenol at 7am/7pm and the Keppra at 6am/2pm/10pm).


She fell pretty badly coming down the stairs first thing this morning, even though Bruce was right with her she got too excited (for breakfast) and fell really hard on the tile floor from the 2nd or 3rd stair before either of us could get to her -- it happened in a split second, and neither of us could get to her), then fell hard again (same side, right side :(, the one that she collapses on with seizures and is seeming to favor somewhat) after she came in from going out, she was again excited about getting her cookie and her feet must have been wet and she slipped. Thankfully seems to be ok though! I don’t know how she didn’t break her leg or hip, to be honest.


I just hope these side effects stop pretty soon, she is unable to go down the stairs without both of us and getting her up is almost as hard. She’s only been on the other (Keppra) since Thursday (first of 3 pills at 10pm that night) so hopefully with less phenol and her getting used to the new things will get better. I really, really pray this is the case.


She’s pretty unsteady and still screaming/whining pretty much constantly, even though she is now getting 3 feedings (full) and treats and tons of green beans in between. She could use a couple pounds so I’m not worried about weight right now but hopefully this ravenous stuff will stop once she’s off this! It’s horrible, all of these side effects are. She can hardly walk ... and the whining/screaming has about pushed me to the end of my limit. :(


I just hope we’re doing the right thing. I just want my old Rainey girl back :( :( Part of me wishes I had never tried to medicate her, but I know it's really the only thing we can do to try to stop the seizures. I am so lost at this point. :(

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Sending all kinds of prayers.

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Guest Energy11

I am sorry to hear about your baby!


Having a dog who gets "episodes," I know how you feel. My Curfew gets what NOW, Dr. Couto and I think are mini-strokes (*he wants me to video tape one) ... still could be petit mal seizures as well. Anyway, there was one HUGE, SEVERE one two years ago, and then, small ones every few months. I opted NOT to get an MRI for two reasons. One, we just can't afford to, and this isn't covered under my pet insurance, as it started prior to buying it. :-( Secondly, I just didn't want to put him through the sedation and fear of having the MRI. He is a spooky boy, and a Momma's boy. I figured, I am not going to treat this any differently whether I know what is causing it or not.


I'd talk to your vet about the Phenobarb dosage, ... maybe increasing it. Also, there are other drugs for seizure control. Did your vet give your rectal Valium to use to break a bad seizure or stop multiple seizures? I have this, and it really helps bring Curfew out of his "episodes."


Sending lots of love, many hugs and prayers to you and Rainey!



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Phenobarb can increase their appetite. Think munchies. Red had the hungry horrors when first strated on Phenobarb.


Sorry you are going through this and best wishes for Rainey.


Nancy and

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God Bless, beautiful Rainey. Keeping you in my prayers.

:hope :hope :grouphug

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Sending prayers for your sweet Rainey.


We have a senior foster boy here in the same boat. Given his age the vet is assuming that it's some sort of brain tumor or lesion but his seizures are so infrequent that it's clearly something very slow growing. I hope the same is true for Rainey.

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Sending powerful prayers summoned from the far corners of the universe to bombard whatever it is that is causing Rainey's seizures. grouphug.gifgrouphug.gifgrouphug.gif

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Guest mbfilby

I'm sorry for your pup.. One bit of hope , I think in dogs like people, left side brain controls right side body function. The lump you see may have happened during the seizure. If she is having right side issues caused by a lump, it should be on the left side.

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Oh, I'm so sorry. I wish I knew more about the medical aspect of what you are dealing with, but I can keep you and Rainey in my prayers. You must be very scared. Please let us know how she's doing, and how you're doing.

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