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Grey Afraid Of Other Dogs After Being Attacked

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A friend's niece recently adopted a six year old female greyhound. She is a super dog, but three days after she was adopted a neighbor's dog pinned her to the ground while they were out walking and grabbed her throat. The skin wasn't broken, thank goodness. Since then she is terrified of dogs. As soon as she sees another dog or even hears one she refuses to continue to walk. She's to the point where as soon as she sees the leash, she runs to her crate.

Any suggestions on how to reassure this new girl. Treats don't work.


I've never experienced this, so I didn't have any constructive ideas.



From Wisconsin -- It's Nancy, Bob, Carla, June Bug and our newby Skorch.... along with Buffy. She's the little hound that meows.

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This will take a while to get over. The dog's walker failed to take care of the threat by standing in front of the attacking dog or by side-tracking away. See if they can find a nice dog with a sensible owner to go out walking with so that the walker doesn't give off an unecessarily bad vibe as they migth with a strange dog around, and in the meantime use Calming Signals (look it up) so that the poor new adoptee at least knows that people are not totally untrustworthy.

Why did that other dog attack and pin - or was it a play pin and the Grey didn't understand that?

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Standing between your dog and a threatening dog doesn't always work.

Jet was repeatedly attacked by a lab down the street in Salem. It was off leash. She was not. Any time it saw her, it would go after her, including jumping off 10'+ cliffs to get to her and leaping over other dogs and people in the way. As a result, she developed a fear aggression with lab shaped/sized dogs that she didn't already know. Took many years to work through it and oddly enough, it was all the friggen dogs running up to her in Kodiak on our walks that she finally relaxed about it. But she was always still happy to go out for a walk, even if she saw other dogs. So I don't have advice to getting her on walks if she refuses.


Might be worth finding a place that doesn't have other dogs, even if it means a drive to go for a walk, and go that route for a bit to get her relaxed and then start working with adding more dogs along the walk to meet - controlled situations at first if you can arrange it.

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