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Stephanie's Allergic To Something

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Poor Stephanie has been so itchy the past couple of days, rubbing her face on the furniture, biting at her legs. No fleas or anything! Now it's getting red & irritated around her eyes, where she's been rubbing. Last week I was running low on dog food, and hadn't gotten paid yet, so I bought a bag of BJ's new "premium" food & mixed it in with their TOTW. It just dawned on me that it's probably that stupid food she's allergic to, because nothing else has changed.


I want to give her some benadryl, but I want to make sure I'm giving the correct dose, so I figured I'd check with you guys first. I saw 1mg/per lb as the canine dose online. Does everyone agree with this? Steph is about 70 lbs., maybe 68, 69... in that area. So would I give her 75mg? Or go with 50?

Maryann, Bama (TW Beltram), Stephanie (Tom's Stepinhi) & Henderson the Cardigan Welsh Corgi

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Rainy is 75lbs and the max dose I ever give her is 50mg (2 pills) Maybe just start out with one pill twice a day to see if that helps her? Also a shampoo with K9 Slick n Shine should help the itchy skin.




Some dogs react to the benedryl differently. Rainy can take 2 pills and not act any diff. I gave Sunshine one pill and sat there petting her, within 5 minutes the eye lids went slowly down.... then her head crashed on the bed with a thud! LMAO she was OUT!




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Guest Energy11

Most likely is the food.


Yesterday, my Goldie, 9, 72 pounds, got stung by a HUGE black wasp with white spots. Anyway, Dr. Karen here said I could give her 100 mg of Benedryl, which I did, and she was sleepy, but fine.


I'd definitely give the Benedryl, and get rid of that food asap.


Good Luck!



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Thanks for the replies! The food is the most likely suspect, but also, it's been cool & breezy here for a few days & I've had the windows open. I wonder if it's a seasonal allergy? But then again, although the A/C's been on all summer, they still all went outside several times a day. I think I remember her going through an itchy period last summer. Not this bad, though!


I just gave her benadryl 50mg; I have to go to work in an hour, so I was afraid to give her more! But she's so uncomfortable! I have to chuck all that food now - I feel like such a jerk, trying to save a few cents, and look what happened. Luckily I have a box of Honest Kitchen & I can mix up some for their dinner; I'll have to stop on my way to work for a new bag of TOTW.

Maryann, Bama (TW Beltram), Stephanie (Tom's Stepinhi) & Henderson the Cardigan Welsh Corgi

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You can actually give her up to 75mg. if 50mg. doesn't work. I would suspect it's the grains in the new food since she's been on TOTW with no problems.

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Ragweed pollen is really high right now. This is earlier in the year than usual (I think), but it explains why I can't see straight and can't breathe.


Take a look at your area on this map at www.pollen.com (where the entire state of New Jersey is colored an impressive red).


So yeah, change the food, but if it doesn't completely help, consider that the pollen might be an issue. You can wipe her down with a damp paper towel when she comes in from outside. Especially wipe her feet if she's been walking in grass.

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