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Article In Arizona Republic About Osteo In Greys

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I just got notice of this article and I think it is great that it's being brought up to a wider circle than just greyhound owners. It's about the Translation Genomics Research Institute recently starting a $5.3 million project to study the genetics and which dog breeds most affected by cancers (like osteo and greys). Let's hope they get some good answers for us!



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I read this in the paper and was going to post the link, thanks for doing it for me :). The greyhound on the front page caught my attention, of course. Oh, and the oncologist mentioned in the story, Dr. Hershey, was Sugar's acupuncturist, fantastic doctor!

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Guest jcsperson

I have some quibbles with the article; there are other breeds with a very high incidence of osteo.


The posted comment, however, is idiotic.

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