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Atopica For Itching And Allergies

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Hello all -


In our continuing sage to keep Milo healthy and itch-free, we're trying a medication called Atopica, generic name is cyclosporine. It's very expensive (fingers crossed for the insurance company to cover it). I just wondered if anyone else is using it and what their experience has been like. Apparently dogs who take it usually have some GI issues at the start (which of course he is having), but they are supposed to resolve within a week or so.


So, anybody using this?


Patti and Milo (who is currently not scratching, nibbling or biting himself.)

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Guest BiancasMom

I have heard a lot of good things about Atopica, if you can get your dog to tolerate it. I tried it with my Aussie for skin allergies. He had problems with vomiting. We tried working our way up to his recommmended dose and all sorts of other things but he would vomit. He was, however, not itchy while taking it! We obviously had to discontinue the Atopica. It depends on how severe the dog's condition is, sometimes weekly bathing can help (it did with my Basset). Hope things work out well!

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