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I am still sort of wondering about this place. The website has Fleastuff.com as its name, when I called they answered by a different name, The charge on my debit card bill was to a third name -- The Pet Remedy -- and the package arrived today with the return address yet a forth different name -- Vaccination Services. The shipping address turns out to be a mailbox for rent place.

They were very nice, the price was cheap and my order arrived quickly, but something seems very off.


I find it odd, considering this is supposedly run by a vet, that I ordered Advantage for large dogs over 55# and received the correct product, only it is labeled for dogs 25kg and greater and made in Germany. I'm not really upset that it is made in another country as I order from AU discount places, but it seems really weird to me for a U.S. vet to be selling out of country stuff.


I asked Bayer and they said the product I received was illegal for sale in the U.S.

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Be VERY careful of online ordering. I was warned by my group that greyhounds process chemicals differently. I found Tri-force topical (a generic flea treatment) I used my last frontline on the greys and used this Tri-force on the poodle and lab. Weight approp amounts,but the poodle went crazy. She drooled puddles and rubbed herself on everything in the house. I took her outside and got a bar of soap and went to town.White foam ran off her for awhile until the soap dissolved the poison. Now, after the fact,I research the chem, it,s used in janitorial cleaners and roach-proofing!Right now I have found Frontier 9.7% fipronil from canada drugs (as in Frontine)for 1/2 cost of Frontline,but I'm afraid to risk my guys life.

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My vet has always recommended not ordering anything medical over the www. "You just never know where it comes from or where it's been, or how long it's been there" Now I'm sure I never will. Scary.

Blessed is the person who has earned the love of an old dog.

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Guest greytexplorer

If there was a question or problem, how would we know? Better Business Bureau? or other?

I routinely order Previcox from Allivet........


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