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Greyhound Health Survey To Aid Corn Study

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Dear Greyt Greyhound Owner,


We are excited about a future collaboration with Ohio State University to do

a prospective trial on our Greyhound Corn/Callus Cream. In order to do

this, we need you, greyt owners, to help us collect preliminary data and

create a database as we head into our exciting endeavor.


What we are asking is simple: Please, take a few moments to answer a few

short questions in an online survey. Follow the link and complete the

questionnaire, which should only take 5-10 minutes.




Your help is greytly appreciated! We also welcome pictures of the

greyhounds' paws before and after using the treatment. You can email them

to erica@murrayavenuerx.com or mail them to the pharmacy (if not digital



Your participation will help us further progress with this worthwhile cause.


Thanks again for your interest and support,

Erica and Susan


Erica Trimble, PharmD

Susan Merenstein, R.Ph./Owner

Murray Avenue Apothecary

A Compounding and Wellness Pharmacy

4227 Murray Avenue


Pittsburgh PA 15217





Bella and Sky at the bridge

"Until one has loved an animal, a part of one's soul remains unawakened." -Anabele France


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Guest boondog

Done! I have not gotten around to writing about it (mainly because I don't want to jinx it), but Boon's corn is essentially gone. I can just see a little "scar". He does not need his Therapaw at all. Boon's corn was very bad and we had tried everything, including surgical removal. Nothing worked for more than a couple of months.


We were very excited to start using the cream. We soaked his foot in plain water and applied the cream twice a day for three months. So far, Boon's corn has been gone for almost 2 months. I am very optimistic that my boy will be corn-free.

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