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How Long After They Eat Do You Let Them Out?

Guest Celestrina

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Guest Celestrina

We are in the process of housebreaking our hound, and I've read various articles and they frequently give different answers. Also, how many times a day do you let them out to do their business?

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Mine go out immediately after eating. I usually stand on the patio for about 3-5 minutes while they do their thing. If I don't let them out right away the girls do fine. But my male, Steak, seems to "need" to go right away.


I usually will also let them all out one extra time before leaving for work, so twice in the morning and then the minute I return from work in the evening. During the evening I will also let them out about two more times (including after dinner) so about 5-6 times per day.






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Guest GreysAndMoreGreys

After eating my crew goes out immediately.

In most kennels after feeding it's turn out time.


We have a dog door so there is free access to outside 24/7

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Guest scfilby

Our go out just before they eat.


Morning, out and food

Noon out

5:00 out and food

sometimes walk after human dinner

between 9 and 10 out


Weekends there may be more + walks.

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I do some standard outs plus whenever I feel like it. So she's always out at 8:30 then she has breakfast. Another out around noon. Again around 3. Again 5 or 6 and then dinner. Again 9. Again 12 or 1 then bed. I don't work so I'm here with her all day so we can easily add more outs. If I go out to hang laundry, she'll usually come with. Or if I go out to the pool for a swim, she'll come, too, and lie in her pool. So she gets lots of opportunities. I noticed that if I get sloppy and she needs out, that she'll start to pace in the family room, from door to door, and I'd better notice!


Lisa B.

My beautiful Summer - to her forever home May 1, 2010 Summer

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Guest PiagetsMom

We do:


Out first thing in the morning


Walk approx 1 hour later

Out around 1 pm

Dinner between 4-5 pm

Out around 6 pm

Walk @ 8 pm

Last out before bed, around 10:30 pm (not always necessary for my girl)

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Often they'll of already been out prior to eating so i don't always take them out again after eating unless they didn't go for either a pee/poop and show signs of wanting to go out again (often immediately). If both are fine then they normally don't want to go again for at least 4hrs and go out about 4-5 times a day, with 1 being a decent walk usually in the afternoon.

When we first got them and were house training we took them out more frequently on lead so we could praise efforts and keep tabs on what they'd been for & what might be due until we'd all got into the routine. I'm weird and still take them out on lead for toilet breaks even though i have a fenced garden as there's often some cat hiding to wind them up or they decide to run round & bark anyway, plus i find it much easier to scoop the poop when i know exactly where they are.

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Guest Jubilee251

I take mine out about 5 times a day. We actually go out and go for our morning walk before they eat. After a while, they get used to a turn-out schedule and will pee/poop accordingly. Here's our schedule:


6am - Morning walk (45 min - 1 hour) or trip to the dog park to run. Both dogs will pee and poop.


7am - Breakfast.


8am - Quick potty break before mom & dad leave for work. Jet will empty out a few times.


Noon-ish - Dogwalker comes and takes them out. Both pee, sometimes Jet poops.


5:30pm - Evening walk. Both dogs pee and usually poop. (Jet is a pooping machine! :lol)


6:30pm - Dinner.


9pm - Last pee break and short walk or playtime in the condo "yard."

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Guest Fluffy

Badger's potty milestones (so to speak) don't really occur based on meals. He poops after breakfast, but before dinner. Peeing, I joke that I know he is related to my mother because both of them have the philosophy of "never turn down a chance to pee. You may not get another one." His weekday schedule is something like:


7am: out, pee

7:15: breakfast

8: out, poop, optional extra pee

[i go to work]

5pm: out, pee

5:30: out, poop

6: dinner

7: walk, pee and maybe poop

8: out, pee

9: If he's still awake, which he isn't usually, out to pee

2am: wake me up to pee


Ok, not usually that last one, but I'm bitter that he did it last night, so I get to grumble! I overcompensate him on evening pee breaks to make up for him being home alone during the day, and to try to avoid 2am wake-up calls. He could probably do just fine with just the 5 and 5:30 ones and then one at 8:30 or 9.

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Mine go out immediately after eating - they all seemed to "expect" it - and I'd read that kennels do that. Of course, we have a fenced yard so it's just a matter of opening the door.



Out when we get up 5:00 - 6:00 am

Out after feeding 6:30

Out after work 4-5:00

Out after feeding 6:30

In and out whenever in the evening

Out before bed 11:00ish


Weekends - freeforall. Whenever.

Walks are for fun, so whenever. They almost never "go" on walks - sometimes a male will "squirt" some stuff along the way - but the "real" going - they save it for the yard when we get back. :rolleyes:


With a new dog, I'd try to stick to a fairly strict feeding and out routine for a while. Definately go out after eating - especially with males - they all want to pee right after eating.

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Guest mcsheltie

I feed in their crates. I let them digest for about twenty minutes and then let them out. If I have new fosters or puppies, they go out right away.

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Guest FastDogsOwnMe

I feed once a day at night, right before bed. Usually around 1AM :lol and they go out right after, usually, but some decline, particularly any seniors. They sleep until I get up in the morning, whether it's 8AM or noon.

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Out schedule:


7AM in back


breakfast @ 7:15


7:45 AM walk


8:45 last out in back before work


4PM out back


Dinner at 5:15


5:30 out back after dinner & walk if not too hot


8:30 out back (and walk if it wasn't taken earlier)


11PM last out for night (possible walk)

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Guest Sunset123

This is the basic schedule, not including bonus walks:


5:30am first pee


6am breakfast


8:30am walk (lots of pees and poops)


5pm out to pee


6pm dinner


9:30pm last pee

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Guest amethyst


I've had my female 2 1/2 mos and she's never had an accident in the house. She's still on the kennel's schedule:4 walks per day as I don't have a fenced yard. I crate her about 50% of the time that I'm not home.

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Our boy doesn't go out right after eating either, he goes to lay down ad "rest" after the exertion of eating!


Our schedule is:

Between 7-8 - Morning long walk, pee and poop

8:30 ish - breakfast

10 ish - another short pee walk before leaving for work.

Betweeen 4 & 6 (depending on our work schedule) - another long walk, poop and pee

Turkey neck snack immediately upon return

8 ish - Dinner

11-12 - Last walk, always pee, sometimes poop (yep, our Opie love to poop!)

Mom to Toley (Astascocita Toley) DOB 1/12/09, and Bridge Angel Opie (Wine Sips Away) 3/14/03-12/29/12

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Bu free feeds so his eating schedule is not at all related to his walk schedule. When we wake up (anywhee from 8-noon) I take him out and he poops then pees. He always gets walked at bedtime and he pees and poops. Depending on our schedule, depends on how often he goes out. If it's a lazy day in, sometimes, he only goes out those 2 times, but he will tell me if he needs to go out again. Usually though, I take him out 1-2 more times and he pees and sometimes poops. Of course, I'm a dog walker and the days he goes to work with me, he can get walked over 10 times and goes to the bathroom almost every time. :rolleyes: We don't have a yard, so unless we are at a clients with a fenced in yard, Bu is always walked.

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Guest zoolaine

Zali now eats outside - she was eating in one of the bedrooms (she would be in there maybe 5 minutes) but I got tired of cleaning up pee or poo. After eating she has to go immediately - sometimes she would give me 1 bark as a warning, but I'm not sure if that was before, during or after she pooped! :lol

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Guest Mollysmom10

We would usually let Molly out first thing in the morning - 6:30 or 7, then right after she was fed. She would go out during the day when we were out playing, but if she didn't, she would be okay until around 3. Then after her dinner feed around 5 and before bed at 10.

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Guest GoingRogue

We wait an hour after eating to go out. Rogue always poops after eating and then has a big run, not sure why the running comes after a poop but it does :colgate . He goes out first thing and pees then eats and an hour later out to pee, poop and run. Same thing in the afternoon. The adoption kennels told us to always wait an hour after eating for those big runs and to not feed him for an hour after a bit run. He loves to run :gh_runner

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