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Lump On Foot

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Something is "off" with my 9 year old male Garry...A few months ago he had a toe removed due to a major corn. Biopsy reported just a large mass of (I think) calcium? no cancer. Ever since then he has not been himself. i thought it was the recovery process, but he is still favoring his rear leg that the toe was removed. He also will not run anymore (which he loved to run and play in the yard). He lets me manipulate the leg without complaining. No new corns. He really slowed down on our walk this morning. I looked at his foot and I think I felt a large lump (it is hard to explain where it is) not on the pads, but up a bit.there was not something similar on the other foot...I have a vet appt. tomorrow for Missy as I think a corn has returned on her rear foot. She has LS and is very sensitive so it is hard for me to look her over..should have had her acupuncurist check it out at her last treatment...anyway...I am hoping I can bring Garry in along with Missy. I am worried about him..my nervous sweet boy!

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the "lump" was gone the next morning. but we went to vet anyway as he was still favoring rear left leg. after a thorough exam my vet feels his neck is bothering him as she was not able to manipulate it the way she wanted to (she is very grey saavvy). He also screams often when I rub him near his left shoulder. meloxicm has not helped him. Before she starts pred, she suggested he get a couple acupuncture treatments to see how he responds. That is scheduled for Wednesday. this will be his first! my female is a pro, hopefully he will do ok! She said the neck could effect his back leg as well. After having cervical surgery, I feel his pain! Long term plan: if acupuncture and/or pred don't help she will x-ray...keeping my fingers crossed acupuncture works!

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