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Can I Please Catch A Break

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I had Jade out for her obedience class, which Opal didn't like me leaving her behind.


I got home and Opal didn't come when I called. I found her on her bed...she looked alright, so I figured she was pissed at me leaving her. I go fix the hotdogs I picked up for the girls after the class. Jade and Onyx polished those off in seconds. But Onyx turned her nose up at it and went back to her bed.

Hmmm. Something's not right. She's a food hound. Thinking it's an upset tummy, I give her a pepto bismol.


Back in the kitchen I hear Jade BARKING BARKING BARKING outside.

Uh oh! That sounds like a caught critter bark to me. I grab my flashlight, shove on my slippers and run outside. I see her at the back fenceline (I have a whole acre!) So I jog on down. Now, it could have been anything. A groundhog. Possum, Feral cat, fox.....anything. But what did it turn out to be? A skunk.


Yup. She got a skunk. It must have been the one that got Opal last month. Yup. I went thru this only last month. That happened just 2 days after my little old lady Onyx went to the evet with two lacerations on either side of her muzzle and she was in shock.


So I rush back to the house to beat Jade to the dog door and keep her out. I go down to the basement and grab one of the two brandy new bottles of peroxide. Made the mixture and peeked in on Opal wondering why she didn't go outside with all the commotion. She looked fine.

Anyway. I make it outside, call Jade........PPPUUUUUUU!

Give her a bath. At 9:30 PM! (at least it's better than the 11 PM last month).

So she's now soaked but taken care of.


I got a shovel and sent the body over the fence into the field. then went back inside to start my own dinner which I hadn't yet had.

WHen I went to look in on Opal I noticed her lip was puffy. I hadn't noticed that before. So maybe that's what's wrong. She got stung. Poor baby. So I give her two Benedril. (from the last time they got stung, the vets said up to three would be okay).

I give her the stuff then sit down to try to catch some last minute bidding on the auction. Opal begins to shake her head a lot. I look down and her WHOLE face is now swollen. I know I didn't miss it. It was just starting to swell now.


So now I call the vets. It's after 10. He asked if I had any prednizone. I did....from 2006! But he said that was still okay to give. Even on top of the benedril.


So, Opal is sleeping (drugged to high heaven) with an ice cold washcloth on her face and now seems more comfortable.


I seemed to have gotten most of the skunk off Jade.


And I missed bidding on several items.


I have to remember to put eye drops in my own eyes because I popped a blood vessel yesterday. So I have a martian eye that red all over the sclera.


It'been a long day and it's time to go to bed. I'm exhausted.

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Wow, I guess you are tired that is a lot to have to deal with. Prayers that Opal will be OK... When we lived in Pennsylvania my Bridge baby Champ got 3 skunks and let me tell you that stuff is hard to get off of them and any collars had to be thrown out it would not come out. :grouphug :grouphug

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Guest Energy11

WOWEEE!! You poor babies!!!


I am right there with ya, after Oakly's TOAD incident!!


I KNOWWWW all this fun stuff HAS to stop!


HOPE you NEVER see another skunk!!


Sending hugs to all of you, from all of us!

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Guest Smiley

That is a big bummer of an evening Mary Pat. I hope that you'll have a skunk-free summer from now on and that Opal is feeling better!

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Opal's face was better this morning, but not back to normal yet.


What's everyone's opinion. Just a delayed but bad reaction to one bee sting, or do I need to find a nest of ground bees?


Her eyes were almost swollen shut.


OH! I just had a revelation! I think I know what happened to Bwat (Opal). There was a pear in the house. From my pear tree. I bet there was a bee in there. Both Jade and Bwat like to eat pears from the orchard. Opal's done it for years. But has never been stung before. That would fit.

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Could be just a bad reaction to one, but I'd scout around for a nest just in case. Scary.

Star aka Starz Ovation (Ronco x Oneco Maggie*, litter #48538), Coco aka Low Key (Kiowa Mon Manny x Party Hardy, litter # 59881), and mom in Illinois
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Guest Energy11

Could be just a bad reaction to one, but I'd scout around for a nest just in case. Scary.



Ditto here.


I'd keep up the Benedryl until the swelling goes down.


Hope everyone is swelling and smell free, soon!

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