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Reggie's Foot Is Swollen. Thoughts?

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A couple of nights ago I saw Reggie chewing the underside of his right front foot in between the pads. I looked at it and it looked fine and he left it alone after that so I didn't think any more of it. This afternoon I was feeling Reggie's foot (when I pet him I pet him pretty much everywhere) and I noticed it was a bit swollen. It didn't look too bad but it definitely felt a little sponge-y with fluid and DH agreed. Reggie isn't limping or favoring the foot at all so we looked at it again and it is red in between the pads and we can't tell if he stepped on something or got stung or what. Any suggestions on what I should do? Obviously if the swelling persists I'll have to take him to the vet. I could try soaking it (if so, in what and for how long?) or put an ice pack on it or give him Benedryl. Any suggestions? Thanks!

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I'd try some Benadryl Tracey. If he was stung by something and is reacting this should work, if not, it's not going to hurt him. You could try icing it to bring down the swelling also or soak in some Epsom salts.

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I would wash his foot throughly. He may have stepped in some sort of irritant or it might be a bugbite. Most likely wouldn't hurt to get him started on Benedryl--give 1mg/lb body weight. You cna give Benedryl every 8 hours. If it doesn't improve you might want to set-up an appointment with your vet. He might need antibotics or a steroid injection to get the inflammation down.


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Good advice from Judy. If you run your finger very lightly over the foot where it was/is red, you may be able to feel if there's a stinger or foreign body. Stinger feels like a little piece of wire.

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Guest TeddysMom

I just went through this with one of my pugs. I soaked it in warm epsom salts water and gave him benedryl for a couple of days. It seems fine now and I figure he stepped on a bee.

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