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Migrating Microchip?

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I had Nessa microchipped 4 months ago at the PetCo Love My Pet clinic.The chip was placed between her shoulder blades and they scanned right then to make sure it was OK. Tonight she was in my lap and I can feel the chip has moved to down near the front of her shoulder.


Is this something I should worry about? Should we go see our regular vet?

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Guest mcsheltie

Nothing to worry about. It happens. I had one just disappear. They scanned the entire dog and it was no where to be found.


They only thing could do is remove it and re-chip her. But it won't cause any health problems.

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Guest BorzoiMom

You are supposed to scan the entire dog, starting at the shoulders. That's in case of migration.


Of course people don't always do what they are supposed to. It angered the hell out of me when I'd scan or be x-raying a pet that was clicked as "no microchip" when there is a button for "not scanned" even though on their first visits we were supposed to be scanning EVERY pet. Makes you worry what else they were lying about doing.


Having another chip won't harm him any, just register both chip numbers if you worry about someone not scanning properly. My cat has 2 chips, they stayed put.

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What exactly are you worried about? That a shelter won't pick up the microchip? That's possible. It happened with Kira. She has 2 microchips because the shelter she was in didn't pick up the first microchip that migrated to her side and they re-chipped her. If Nessa's migrated chip isn't in the immediate area where a chip is supposed to be, I'd have her rechipped or I'd talk to the vet about it.


If you're worried about medical issues, I wouldn't be too concerned. Kira's migrated chip hasn't caused her any problems and it's been a few years since we've had her.

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Guest KennelMom

It can happen. Shelters and vets *should* know to scan the entire dog. Migration shouldn't affect the functioning of the chip...

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