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Foster Boy Dooley Has A Man-Boob

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My new foster boy Dooley has one, just one, enlarged nipple. I’ve never seen anything like it on a male dog:



Anyone ever seen this before or have any ideas what is going on here? I wasn’t sure if this was EEG or H&M, but I put it here because I thought there could be some underlying medical cause for this.


And here’s a nicer picture of the handsome fellow:


IMG_2948.jpg You can actually see his man-boob in this picture, too – it is about halfway between his front and rear legs)

Wendy with Twiggy, fosterless while Twiggy's fighting the good fight, and Donnie & Aiden the kitties

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Guest GreysAndMoreGreys

One of my bridge angels, Dave, had a moob.

He was seen by a vet and it was nothing to worry about. Not sure what caused it as he didn't have it as a racer.

But in retired life he did.

I would say as long as he's not licking or bothering it I wouldn't worry about it.

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