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Shaking Head, Favoring One Ear

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Bella has all of a sudden (today) started shaking her head a lot and favoring her left ear. I had a Cocker Spaniel so I'm well attuned to ear problems. However, there's no redness, no swelling, no odor, no discharge. I cleaned as recommended, and just hate to see our girl in discomfort :(


Thanks GTers....




I took Bella to the vet today, and of course this afternoon she wasn't shaking her head at all. She has the beginning of infection in one ear and a small scratch in the other (the one she was favoring), so we're treating the infection, and the vet thinks that perhaps she did have something get in the other ear that she dislodged herself. The vet said the clinic was seeing a lot of ear problems lately because of the incredibly humid weather. Bella's ears don't stand up, so there's never a chance for any air to get in there and circulate, so just something for us to keep an eye on and keep up with the cleaning. I did get a good lesson in ear cleaning, so that will help, I'm sure.


Glad I trusted my gut and took her before it turned into anything serious.

Thanks GT!

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Guest GreysAndMoreGreys

Sometimes there are not the tell tale signs but still and infection brewing.

Unless there was rain recently or a bath? Water in the ear can cause this reaction.

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Guest krystolla

I'd give it a couple of days and if she's still favoring her ear, make a vet appointment. It could be a middle or inner ear infection which isn't as easy to detect on the surface. Or it might be that one of the hairs in her ear is growing in a wonky direction and itches.

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Guest PiagetsMom

And, it may be nothing. I agree, if you've you've used an ear wash and cleaned her ears, give it a couple of days before you have it checked out. Mirage was doing a lot of shaking of the head and while he was in for a recheck of his leg I had the vet check him out......they swabbed his ears and tested it and there was no sign of infection. Don't know what was going on, but nothing that required treatment.

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Our Great Dane used to get grass seeds in her ears in the summer all the time. The home cleaning may have dislodged it, or it could be down lower and require a vet to remove it. It could also be an infection. If she's still being bothered in a day or two I would get thee to a vet.

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Like Heather already said, sometimes there's no visible signs of an ear infection other than what you are describing.


I don't think I would wait a few days, if she's still doing it today, I would take her in.


If it is an ear infection brewing, they hurt!


Keep us posted, and feel better pretty girl


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Guest Cris_M

If you think it might be an insect in the ear, you can put oil in it. It immobilizes the bug and the dog can shake it out. Our vet said normal ear wash doesn't always work with bugs.


Years ago (pre grey) we did this. That bug flew out with one shake and the dog was fine.


Naturally, seeing a vet is worthwhile if you need.

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Guest StriderDog

My non-grey mutt often gets her own hair in her ears, which tickles! She shakes her head and will favor one side over the other. I just sit down with her and gently swab and usually it only takes a minute to make her better.


Will your pup let you look in their ear? It could be something as simple as hair or a seed. :dunno

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Ditto from here on the infection....Jack used to get them. We would use the ear wash and an antibiotic ointment. Usually better in a day or two. I think the first time I went after about 2 days of watching it.


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How are pollen levels up where you are?


My Oreo was allergic to grass pollen. Every summer, she'd start the head shaking, as if she had water in her ears.


I gave her a Benadryl. If that stopped the head shaking, then I knew it was allergies. If the shaking kept up, it was vet time.


I know that favoring one ear doesn't sound like allergies...except that Oreo only ever pawed at one ear.

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Guest scfilby

Sunday we noticed that one of Cy's ears was very dirty. Dirty to the extent that I knew it was abnormal. Up to this point he had not shown any discomfort or excessive shaking.


I cleaned the ear well with warm water. Monday Cy started shaking his head excessively. I was thinking that maybe I had got some water trapped. Tuesday morning the ear was very red and warm to the touch. Cy was shaking his head a lot, and favoring that ear, so off to the vet.


Vet says it is allergies that got mildly infected. They cleaned thoroughly, treated with a topical antibiotic and gave us drops to apply once daily.


As of this morning the ear is still red but he has stopped shaking his head and favoring that ear.

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