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Partial Amputation

Guest apm519

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Guest apm519

My greyhound, Mark, had a partial amputation on his front toe about a month ago. He still will not walk on his foot and now developed bone spurs in his other foot. My vet wants me to watch for any improvements, so far none. My next step is full amputation. I don't want to put him through that again. I tried a therma paw, but it rubbed his toe and now it is pink. Any suggestion?

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I'm sure someone will have more experienced advice, but here's my two cents.


I would never have a partial amp toe for just the reason you're stating. The remaining bone can cause problems by not healing properly, sticking out and having repeated injuries, causing an altered gate as the dog tries to not hurt when walking.


My Dude's complete toe amp was completely healed in two weeks and he's had no problems with it since.


I'm not sure what you can do at this point. If he does need to go back for surgery, I would have the rest of the toe taken too.


Hopefully someone will have something more to say.

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Specky came to us with a partial toe amp on her rear left foot. They just took away the toe up to the first joint. I wish that they had taken the entire toe as now it drops down when she walks, and it rubs the other toes raw sometimes. I think that her amp was done when she was a small puppy though, so that might make a difference.


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My old dog had a TPLO (involves cutting into the tibia). It would not heal, would not heal, would not heal...


My vet sort of decided my dog was a "wimp" and didn't take it seriously.


Turns out he had a bone infection at the surgery sight. Something to ask your vet about. He may need some serious antibiotics. Not sure how they detect an early bone infection??


I'm sorry for your hound.


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Guest MnMDogs

Poor Mark. My boy, Mork came to me 6 years ago with a partial toe amp of a weight bearing front left toe. He also has a corn on the other weight-bearing toe on that foot. However, even when the corn is hulled, he favors that foot terribly, and he also has corns on the front right as well. It seems apparent to us that the toe amp is causing that discomfort.


That being said, he just recently had a partial toe amp on a back right weight bearing toe, and my vet did such an amazing job with it (padding it with extra fur since the pad was severely compromised - severe keratoma - and could not be saved), that he was fully weight bearing on that foot within a couple weeks, and doesn't favor it at all.


Is this a front weight-bearing toe? I believe they place most of their weight on the front feet, and that could be the problem if that bone is rubbing. If I were you, I would go with the full amp. I'm not sure why the partial amp for Mork's back toe has done so well...but I know that the partial amp on his front foot has caused him problems from day 1.


If it's done well, he should be up and able to walk comfortably within a couple weeks.

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