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Merlin's Surgery Is Tomorrow...

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Tomorrow is the day - GULP :cry1 - I am dropping Merlin off at the vet's at 8am to have this growth on his gum removed and biopsied:




And he is also going to get a dental at the same time. I am nervous beyond belief, and even had a fight with DH over it yesterday - I can't understand why he is not in the LEAST bit worried (maybe I'm jealous of his calm demeanor!) and he called my anxiety about this "ridiculous" :( which was pretty hurtful. But maybe he has a point - I am not very rational when it comes to Merlin. He is my heart, we are so incredibly bonded and anytime anything is wrong with him I get agitated.


So anyway - if you could spare some good thoughts for the wizard tomorrow, and send some good vibes our way tomorrow morning for everything to go well and for him to make it safely through anesthesia and surgery, I would so appreciate it.


Thank you...

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Kerry with Pippin (Paid Vacation), adopted 4/15/2017
Missing the best wizard in the world, Merlin (PA's Paris), the biggest Love I've ever known, and my sweet 80lb limpet, Sagan (Leon B) :brokenheart :brokenheart, every single day.

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Guest Adrianne

Lots and lots of good thoughts & prayers coming your way for Merlin. And of course we worry about them. They are our babies, and we are their moms (& dads)

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Nothing wrong with being nervous. My DH sounds like yours rolleyes.gif


Merlin, and you will be in my prayers. He will be fine.

Casual Bling & Hope for Hounds
Janet & the hounds Maggie and Allen Missing my baby girl Peanut, old soul Jake, quirky Jet, Mama Grandy and my old Diva Miz Foxy; my angel, my inspiration. You all brought so much into my light, and taught me so much about the power of love, you are with me always.
If you get the chance to sit it out or dance.......... I hope you dance! Missing our littlest girl.

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There's always anxiety anytime one of our kids has to have surgery. It's perfectly natural and everyone of us understands it!!!


We'll be sending all our good thoughts all the way across the country tomorrow!

Chris - Mom to: Lilly, Felicity (DeLand), and Andi (Braska Pandora)


Angels: Libby (Everlast), Dorie (Dog Gone Holly), Dude (TNJ VooDoo), Copper (Kid's Copper), Cash (GSI Payncash), Toni (LPH Cry Baby), Whiskey (KT's Phys Ed), Atom

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Guest Paige12

Well I would be a nervous wreck!! I will definitely be keeping Merlin in my prayers! Please let us know, and try to remember the power of positive thinking!! Beth

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Sending good thoughts your way, I am a "worry wart "too, will keep Merlin in my prayers :)

Roberta & Michael with Furkids- Flower (Shasta Flowers 6/7/06) & Rascal the kitty - Missing our sweet angels - Max(M's Mad Max) 10/12/02 - 12/3/15, Sara (Sara Raves 6/30/01 - 4/13/12) Queenie & Pandora the kitties - gone but never forgotten

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Merlin mah buddy,


We will be thinkin' about yoo tomorrow. We know that yoo will be fine and flirting wif all ob da Vet Assistants. Make sure you give yor momma yor best Pupsodent smile biggrin.gif when she picks yoo up.


Yur pal,


Rocket in illinoize


Camp Broodie. The current home of Mark Kay Mark Jack.  Always missing my boy Rocket Hi Noon Rocket,  Allie  Phoenix Dynamite, Kate Miss Kate, Starz Under Da Starz, Petunia MW Neptunia and Diva Astar Dashindiva 


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Guest K9Cookies

Sending good thoughts to Merlin, and you, Kerry. I was anxious when Fixer had his dental too. Let us know how Merlin does tomorrow. :goodluck

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Guest bigbrindlebunny

We're all pulling for the Wiz!


(DH probably hasn't spent as much time with other GH owners as yourself, or done all the reading that you've done. He just isn't as knowledgeable.)




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