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Jackie Is Still Shaking

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Okay, so we're past all this fireworks nonsense. But throughout the day, Jackie still gets the shakes, and starts panting heavily. She starts to tremble now at the mere mention of going outside or going for a walk. I think it might be getting worse! Any suggestions?

thank you,



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Greyhounds have good memories, much to our dismay. You can try giving her some Rescue Remedy, but just being calm and matter-of-fact yourself when you go outside will also help. It will pass though it may take some time for her to get over it. Tell her she's a silly girl and do your routine as usual.


If you're really concerned she might be in pain from something then a vet visit is definitely in order. You vet may also be able to prescribe a short course of anti-anxiety meds, but I really think time and patience will be as effective.

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Guest SusanP

I'd see if the vet can prescribe her something like alprazolam to help her settle down. Zippy does this between and after storms, too.


If you don't want to go the med route, time will help, at least if there are no more loud noises.

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Guest Bang_o_rama

Three days of firework Armegeddon in the 'hood has turned our previously confident and calm (for a grey) houndie into a spook! She has reverted to sleeping at the foot of our bed, avoids the LR (where the noise was loudest), has to be forced to go for a walk, paws at the hallway door to go back in as soon as we get out, refuses treats on the walks and starts at the slightest noise. As of yesterday, 7/7, she was only beginning to be a bit less hyper. They do indeed have LONG memories for things that they don't like!





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