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Allergy Wipes

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My grey is allergic to grass and pollen. The vet said to wash his feet twice a day with soap/water. I am trying to find an easier way to do this so I ordered Earth Bath Grooming Wipes from the Natural Dog Shop. Does anyone know anything about allergy wipes? Do they work as well as soap/water? Thanks, Nan in Georgia

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I think even rinsing well with water should help. The point is basically to wash the pollens off his skin/fur, so any way that you can accomplish that should be helpful. Another thing I've found helpful for my pup with seasonal allergies is witch hazel, that I put on her feet with a cotton ball - it seems to help with the itching.

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For Jack, who needed his face washed often (toothless old guy, and messy by nature) I used to keep half a dozen old flannels (wash cloths) and use one a day to rinse him with. They are better at getting stuff out of the fur than ordinary rag, and better than the 'quick bath' wipes you get here for giving them a quick wipe down for pee spots on legs and stuff. It got so I was using flannels for everything like that.


What about the thing you can buy to fill with water and just dip their feet in and out of - is it called a paw plunger? I know I've read that some people keep them by the back door in winter to rinse mud off quickly.


Paw Plunger


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Ah, yes, it's allergy season for the feets here. I've not heard of allergy wipes. We keep unscented baby wipes near the door and have a little Tupperware type container (rectangular) we use some nights as a foot bath (warm water w/a little Epsom salts) when Asta's feet are bothering her. Sometimes we use just a mug if just one foot needs attention. And sometimes just a wet towel is good, too. It all depends on the day and level of irritation. Ha! Love the look of the paw plunger!



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