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This Weeks Agility Video Of Argos

Guest ScottH

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Guest ScottH

This week, Argos's little Springer Spaniel brother, Kota, joined him in the drop in Agility runs. Kota did whine while Argos was performing, but Argos paused only a bit and did not miss any of the weave poles, so that is huge progress. His only real mistake was leaving the see-saw early. I just made him redo it and all was well again. I did mess up again and did an awkward cross over and messed up his entrance to the tunnel. This is clearly my fault as he is looking at me and I am giving confusing signal. I still need LOTS of work too!

This weeks video is 1:17 long.

The second time through the long weave pole run, he stops to look at Kota whining, but I was able to recapture his attention and he finished without missing a pole! Good Job Argos!!! :yay :yay :yay


This weeks run was jump, jump, double weave, jump, A-frame, see-saw, dog walk, jump, jump, double weave, jump, tire, tunnel &



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