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Eating In This Heat

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Its in the upper 90 ies all my dogs are starting to miss a meal every few days , Sonny wont eat a drop and Andy will only eat if you hand feed him , we keep it 79 in the house with fans running so its not hot in the house to us , none of the Greys are loosing weight , we do not allow them to run in the summer and the streets are too hot to walk on.

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I'm coming from a hot climate, summers we're 115+ everyday and my dogs never missed a meal. Even Lenny when he first arrived. It's a very dry climate


But, first humid day here, none of them were interested in eating


Missing my little Misty who took a huge piece of my heart with her on 5/2/09, and Ekko, on 6/28/12



:candle For the sick, the lost, and the homeless

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Guest Energy11

UGH!!! As I type, it is 91 stinkin' HOTT HUMID, (***please kill me****) degrees outside!!!!!!!!!!!!!! angryfire.gif


Anyway, mine refuse to go outside except to pee and poop, and I will not go out unless I absolutely have to (*luckily, my bodily functions can be taken care of inside ... lol.gif


Mine eat no matter HOW hottt it is! The boys are "Hoovers" and Goldie, "an Electrolux!"colgate.gif Cari is finicky, but since buying her TOTW Bison and Venison, she is eating well (for now).


Like people, dogs and cats DO feel the heat, and their energy levels drop. They sleep more, and therefore, can require less food. I KNOW I am not hungry in this heat.


I'd keep an eye on them, but if they are still eating, though less, I don't think you really have to worry.


Good Luck, pray for snow!

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