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Sand Burns

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every year i take felix to the beach(charleston, ri- rough new england sand) he ends up with really bad sand burns from outrunning all the labs and running faster than the tennis ball. felix is not a track grey, he was hand raised and i've had him since he was 7 weeks old. it's the webbing on the paws that's as raw as can be in no time what so ever.


so, what should i be doing to prevent the pain and agony that this poor pup(he is 3 years old now)endures after is sprints.in the past i was told to keep them dry and to use medicated powder- ouch-. anything to help toughen them up? my late gal never had any problems, but she didn't have the drive and push that he has.

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There is a product called Tuff Foot, you can order it on line. It's used to toughen the pads of performance dogs, like lure coursers and such. Try that and see if it works.

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I don't know if they would help, but have you tried these: Sticky Paws They are awesome on ice in the winter and I intend to use them at Dewey this year (Mandy freaks out when sand gets between her toes.) I wouldn't want to leave them on too long in the heat, but they would reduce the chance of sand burn.

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