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Inconsistent Poops

Guest jaws4evr

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Guest jaws4evr

I may post this in Health and Medical as well.


Usually our GH can hold her bowls all day while we're at work (or home) without wanting to go out at all. Every few weeks though she'll have a bout of intense and as far as we can tell, random, extremely runny poops, thereby having horrible accidents in her crate. She's crated while we're away to stop her from eating something she shouldn't or peeing in the basement (she still sometimes tries to do this), and again 90% of the time she's totally fine to "hold it" both when she's crated, or loose with us when we're home, with no problems.


She's being fed Orijen and Orijen only, and we have been giving her small chicken or turkey necks Fridays (to hopefully deal with runny poos on weekends if they happened to be the problem. The runny-poo accidents don't seem to coincide with neck days, or any particular day of the week, or any other diet related changes that we can guess.


Other than the usual veterinary gambit of blood and fecal work, has anyone had any success mitigating sensitive tummies? Pumpkin/Fiber? Water in food, no water in food? Acidophalus? Other supplements?

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Annoyingly, yes. My dog can suffer from that and I think it has to do with the high quality James Wellbeloved Lamb & Rice kibble I usually feed her. It's supposed to be hypoallergenic and I've fed it to all my dogs over the years with good results. As an experiment I've switched her to Country Valu Greyhound food and the poop, whilst there is more of it, can all be picked up easily. OK, this food does not have specified meat ingredients like the other one that costs 3x as much, but it seems to work. After a month I'll transition back to the Turkey & Rice version of the James Wellbeloved (lamb may be too rich), but if it doesn't work then boring regular greyhound food + the occasional egg, sardine and tasty morsels it will have to be.


I think they absorb water by retaining food towards the rear end of the digestive tract so 'first poops' are going to be firm and later ones soft - I don't think you can do much about that.

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