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Bald Patches

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My fuzzybutt Jeff Gordon has been shedding his soft fluffy bunny like coat for the past month or so, but in the last week I have noticed a couple bald patches, a fairly large oval one on his rear haunch and now two smaller ones on his neck. The ones on his neck the skin looks pink. Could it just be his tag collar rubbing there or is there something more going on, ideas??


He has had his revolution and I have checked him over for ticks/fleas. No recent diet change.


Take the time to stop and smell the flowers - appreciate your everyday ordinary miracles

Carolyn, Faith, Jeff Gordon (aka Jeffy) and Oscar the chilla. Desperately missing our Stella, we'll see you later sweet girl.

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Guest TeddysMom

Is the skin on the bald patches smooth or a little bumpy? It could be ringworm, I hope not. It is horrible to try to get cleared up and is contagious to both humans and other animals.

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Guest Lovey_Hounds

a lot of greyhounds have bald patchy spots, make sure there is no skin condition there first but its most likley average greyhound bald spots.

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Guest greygirls2

Just a thought.......Has he been under any type of stress lately? My male got a bald spot on his shoulder after I lost my female Tessa. It just looked like the fur fell out in a nickel sized area, smooth, no irritation, he wasn't bothering it so I just watched it for a while. Then I noticed the area was getting bigger....quarter sized and took him i for a check and they did a scraping. Turned out to be demodex mange brought on by the stress of Tessa's loss. They gave me Goodwinol ointment and that took care of it. The hair eventually grew back in...sometimes it doesn't. If it affects a larger area they usually do a dip..

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Guest kydie

This could be a number of things, normal aging can cause hair loss, normal shedding season, but it is a good idea for a vet visit to make sure there is not ringworm or a thyroid condition, only you know just what you are seeing, that makses you concerned

good luk keep us posted :)

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