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Guest Jamie

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Guest Jamie

I'm back a little after 2 years, our last loss was so hard on me I couldn't look at any more threads with osteo in them (I still have issues reading about others going through it). We lost our last greyhound Harley to kidney failure 2 weeks after his leg amp from osteosarcoma. We fostered Miles right after losing Harley and he helped heal my heart from that loss. We fostered him for 1 year then decieded to adopt him last year. We've had him for 2 years and he is 7 years old.


On April 2nd he had his first Grand-mal seizure. We took him to the vet and had a CBC and T4 done on him by a vet that specializes in greys. His thyroid was low, kidney was high, and a bit of pancreatitis is what we were told. He got meds for the pancreatitis, he was also put on meds for low thyroids and pheno for the seizures.


Since then he has had 5 more seizures. 2 last night, the first one was the worst we've seen so far then he had another one this morning. Since the first seizure I've been doing so much research that my head is spinning...


He has another vet appointment set up for later today.


I guess I'm looking for support/venting while we try to find a way to help ease his seizures...This site was very wonderful the last time!


Thanks for reading,



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Guest LindsaySF

Been there. Check out Sophie's thread (link in my signature).



These websites are extremely helpful:


http://www.canine-epilepsy.com (There are directions on this site on how to join the EPIL-K9 email list).


http://www.canine-ep...om/site_map.htm (My favorite epilepsy site).



I would get rectal valium on hand ASAP to prevent cluster seizures. 3 seizures within 24 hours is a cluster, and he might have more. Many vets are reluctant to even try or prescribe the valium, we had to go to a neurologist to get Sophie's. I would also talk to your vet about increasing his pheno for the next 24-48 hours to hold off the cluster.



Good luck. :grouphug






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Guest MyBoys

I have had a number of seizure dogs, sometimes it is as simple as increasing the dosage of phenobarb, if he is on a lower dosage then there is room to up it. One of my seizure dogs did great for 3 years without an increased dosage. He did start having seizures again, my vet up his dosage a bit and that did the trick. Hopefully this is all your guy may need, sending good thoughts for you and him.

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