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Guest fargosmom

I lurk a lot but rarely post - but right now I could use some help. I recently had to change my email hosting (grrrr - at&t you stink!) and I have a new address. Problem is that I had committed to donating to an auction for the galgos, but in the changeover I lost my old messages and I can't remember to whom I committed (who? whom? anyway . . . all I can remember is Diane and that might not be right) . . . so if I committed a donation to your auction could you please email me at my new address fargosmom1@gmail.com . I don't want to welch out! Blame it on menopause or plain stupidity or whatever . . . anyway thanks for listening!

and p.s. so far I'm having some trouble updating my email address here at greytalk, so if you can help me with this question please email me directly - at the moment I don't think I can subscribe to this topic and actually get the messages. Grrr. Repeat after me - computers are labor-saving devices. Computers are labor-savl l' knsljnkdlfjlksln ,skndmnfknskjndfksnflkmsldkmflskdjl.

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