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Laryngeal Paralysis (Lp) Questions

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Had the dogs out running the other day. Brother, who will be 13 in September, had the telltale raspy pant going on afterward. That was the first time I've heard the raspy-ness, though I have heard him panting more when he plays in the house.


Thinking back now, he has also had quite a few episodes of "something's in my throat" over the past month or two. He'd keep stretching his neck and swallowing hard, over and over, for anywhere from a few minutes to up to a half an hour. I didn't think too much when he'd get that, because Joe gets that also from time to time (not nearly as frequently though...his is maybe once or twice a month, where Brother's is once or twice a week).


It's been a long time since we've dealt with LP at our house (our girl Sandy had it, and we sent her to the bridge almost 6 years ago...), so I'm a bit rusty. Toward the end, hers was really bad and the vet said that it was going to really cause problems for her once the hot summer weather arrived. However, she was not a candidate for the tie-back surgery due to some other issues.


Is this something I can keep an eye on for the time being? I hate to put him under just to get a diagnosis. I did a search last night for LP on here, and someone referenced using doxepin and liquid valium; how do those help? I'm wondering if I can monitor him for now until we take them all in for their heartworm tests in May. Anything I should be looking for or concerned about?


What are the chances that I'm wrong about it being LP?

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If you can find Lucy's (Rileysmomma) thread about her Riley's LP, she posted a video of him clearing his throat. It sounds like a gakking noise kind of. Sutra does it too. I have to turn the a/c on once the weather hits about 85 degrees because the hot humid weather aggravates it. I have not had him scoped for a diagnosis...my vet and I talked and decided if it gets worse we'll cross that bridge when we get there. He may eventually need a tieback.


I don't know anything about the medications you mentioned, so, I'll be interested to see other replies :)

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Guest KennelMom

I believe I referenced doxepin a while back. Our vet has an LP dog and he suggested us using it with our boy Grandpa as a possible treatment. It's one of those "not sure exactly why it works but vets have noticed an improvement in LP when the drug has been used to treat other conditions and more research is needed"..it's been a couple years so there might be new info on it in "vet land" where vets talk about this stuff on list serves and what not. Unfortunately, Grandpa didn't live long enough for us to really see if there would be significant long term benefit.


The liquid valium is for an emergency situation. If the throat were to close and the dog could not breath, the liquid valium may relax the throat enough to allow enough air to pass keep him alive while you get to an emergency vet. It must be given rectally and stored in a cool dark place. Liquid valium also expires more quickly, so you have to make sure you have a fresh dose on hand...I think we replaced ours every 6 months or so???


I'd be really hard pressed not to do tie-back surgery on future LP dogs we may have. Like, they'd have to have an overwhelming reason not to do it. I will never forget holding Grandpa in my arms as Ken flew down the interstate at about 100mph (I am not exaggerating) getting him to the vet before he choked to death. We made it, but ONLY by the grace of God. Never again do I want to put a dog through that :( I get teary just thinking about it :cry1

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My angel Darbee went thru Tie-back surgery at the tender age of 13+. She lived for an additional 2 years free of any issues, happy and well loved! :blush I was really scared to put her into surgery at 13yrs but she came thru soo well.


I would do it again in a heart beat,, in fact I wish i had done it sooner, we put it off for more than 6 months being nervous,, silly human

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