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Hi All... Back ...again! :)

Guest Lacy

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It's been a while. I ran into some trouble with being unable to post which in the end were unsolvable.

I kept meaning to get back here after the new computer, but.. life happens :) (so it's been a couple of years - I'll be interested to see who's still kicking around)

Pleasantly surprised, I got to keep my original user name :)


So here we are again:

I'm in Orleans, Ontario.

Our fella is Ethan aka Spooky Kail

DOB June 23, 1999 (11 yrs)


Colour: Tuxedo.

Loves: Pizza crust above all, Timbits are a close second, snow, walks, dinner, and starting last summer in a bizarre twist, coffee.



Sire: Okie Kail and Dam: Spooky Girl


Manning's Mna - Female

Pog Mo Thoine - Male (someone had a sense of humour)

Slainte Spot - Male Pet Name: Fuji *RIP*

Tom's Devon - Male

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Welcome back! I always love it when folks who have "strayed" from GT find their way back! :rolleyes:


I've strayed twice..this has been the longest absence however, over 8 years :)

Nice to 'see' you again :) .. there are a few names I still recognize.

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