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Eating Less

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We have 4 Greys , 1 Yorkie , 3 Persian cats , and 1 bob tail cat , all have started not finishing there breakfast or dinner , the weather has just made a big change its now around 80 every day , a few weeks ago it was 30 and 40 , we went to the store today and bought different food for tonight , has anyone else noticed this.

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Guest Swifthounds

It's pretty common for animals to eat less in warmer months. They're not burning off as much energy keeping warm. Also, if they haven't yet shed their winter coats, the heat can make them less hungry.


Be careful when changing foods, especially in an effort to get them to eat. Dogs and cats aren't picky eaters by nature, but you can train them to become picky eaters.

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Guest Energy11

This "instant summer in a glass ..." as I call it, has taken it toll on we humans AND the animals! Toooo hottt, tooo soon! We/they, have not had a chance to get acclimated to it. I know it is KILLING me (*AC has been on last three days). I have noticed mine are more lethargic, and seems to settle down, once the AC is turned on.


I would attribute the lack of interest in food/eating less to the above. HOPEFULLY, the weather will normalize, and so will our pets.


Good Luck!

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Guest TeddysMom

Most of my crew are not that interested in eating the last few days because of the weather. I don't change food though, I figure they will eat what they need. I don't feel like eating much when it is hot either.

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