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Update On Kulee

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Kulee is doing greyt! She hasn't vomited since last Tuesday and her jaundice was gone by Saturday afternoon. I repeated her labwork and although her liver values went up a little (poss. from the biopsy on Friday), her bilirubin had gone down. She's eating greyt and loving getting 4 meals a day... she is definitely a food hound!


Biopsy results came in today and they couldn't find anything significant!!! YAY!!! We're going to keep her on the amoxi, SAM-e, famotidine and special diet for another 2 weeks and repeat the labwork then. Of course, if anything weird happens, I'll do things sooner.


I am just soooooooo happy!!!! She had me just a little scared... just a little. :blush


Thanks for the good thoughts and prayers everyone... I think they worked!!!

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That's great news...I'm glad she's back to her hungry self!!!


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"The gift which I am sending you is called a dog, and is, in fact, the most precious and valuable possession of mankind." (Theodorus Gaza)

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