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Valor And Vestibular

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Valor was diagnosed with vestibular syndrome about a week ago. He's been on Cerenia and Valium and went back to the vet today. I'm happy to say he is eating/drinking better, still wobbly but walking better and his nystagmus has resolved. All in all he is making slow, steady progress. Unfortunately he now has an upper respiratory infection and is on antibiotics, hopefully he'll kick that soon too. Happy to see him getting back to his old self again.

Linda, Valor, Keeva and Bella

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I've had several dogs who have had vestibular issues. My Lynch has had several VERY severe bouts of it. They take a while to come back, last one (was the 3rd bad one) took him almost 6 months or better to be back to 90%. So keep on working with Valor, he'll come back and it won't be 6 months hopefully.

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