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Addison's Disease

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Our Grey has not been *right* lately. He has been eating poorly (hard to tell with him as he is a picky eater) and seems to be losing weight.

I called my Vet this morning and they were booked but told me to drop him off and they would check him when they could. I specifically asked that blood work be done.

She called me this afternoon and, yes, his blood work is off, mainly potassium very elevated,

BUN is off, etc. She is sending out more blood work to the lab and is keeping him overnight on IV fluids.

She mentioned she suspects Addison's disease.

Ranger just turned 11 last month.

I had read about Addison's in the past and just looked it up again. I've never had a dog with this diagnosis.

IF this proves to be the diagnosis, am wondering if anyone on the Boards has experience with this in their Greys. I did a Search but didn't come up with much.

Hope our boy is going to be okay and I went with my gut and got him in.


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Good that you went with your gut and got him in. If he tests possitive for Addisons, the sooner treatment is started(usually a once a month injection) the better.


It's very treatable so hang in there, and many prayers for your boy

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Guest twhitehouse

My grandmother's dog has Addison's but I unfortunately don't have much advice or experience....just hugs for your boy. How is he feeling?

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This day is starting out better then yesterday.


Vet just called me to say that everything seems to be OK with Ranger.


She said they have new equipment in the office and, when she saw the

values from his blood work, she questioned that enough (due to the new

equipment), drew more blood and sent it to an outside lab. Got a call

this morning and everything is *spot on*, for a Greyhound . That was good news and no sign of Addison's

disease. Man, when she told me yesterday his Potassium was extremely

elevated, I was shocked he hadn't gone into shock or had a heart attack!!!


Anyway, she said he is eating this morning (finally got hungry after 2

days of no food). She wants to keep him on the IV's the rest of the day

and I'll pick him up later today.


So, like she said, he seems to be in pretty good shape for an 11 year

old dog.


Keeping fingers crossed that this will just prove to be an expensive

(yikes!) false alarm.


Thanks so much!!!!!

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