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Want A Grey...should I Foster First?

Guest thinkingrey

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Guest thinkingrey



I've been wanting a dog for a while so I looked into greyhounds. The more I research, the more I realize how amazing they are. The endless praise about this breed makes me want to just run out there and get one but I know this is a life-altering decision so I want to do things wisely. I'm looking to adopt in June because as a teacher with summers off, I will be home full time to really get to know my grey and see to it that he or she adjusts easily. But, I am apprehensive about a few things. Below I've listed some of the worries I have about my schedule and living situation that I hope some of you will be able to address.


1. Should I foster first? Some people recommend fostering first but I have some concerns with that. I can't foster now because I have a night job in addition to teaching during the day so I'm gone 15 hrs some days (only till June and next school year I will only have one job). Also, if I foster over the summer I'm afraid I'll spend all my time off with a dog that may go to someone else or when I'm ready for a permanent dog, summer will be over and I won't be able to dedicate as much time to welcoming my own grey.

2. I have one unassuming cat that adopted me so I don't know how she is with dogs.

3. I live in a SMALL 2 bedroom apartment with my partner (who loves dogs. There is a grassy area for dogs in the complex and lots of parks and neighborhoods to go walking in nearby but the actual apartment is very small.

4. I live on the second floor so the only way in or out is by staircase.

5. I haven't spent a lot of time with greyhounds because of my busy schedule.


If anyone has any recommendations about adoption, what specifically I'll have to change, or if you don't think my living situation is conducive to owning a greyhound, please let me know. I joined this forum because owners are the real experts.


Thank you for reading!



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Welcome from NY!!


First, I would buy 2 books and read them. Greyhound for Dummies by Lee Livinggood and Care of the Retired Racer, Cynthia Branigan. Excellent references.


Considering they spend their lives in a crate, a small apartment is fine. My girlfriend who is on this board has a very small house. I mean really small. Square footage is prob close to the same size of my master bedroom and she has 4 greyhounds. We often go over to her house for play dates. We get 9 greyhounds and 3 humans. It's not roomy and it's wall to wall dog beds, but it works.


Many of us (me included) have cats and greyhounds. Most cats do rule the house! :lol One of mine hid for 3 days, one things she is a greyhound, and the other hasn't figured out the dogs are here yet. She is awfully cute, but not really bright! :blush


I live in a large split. 3 levels of steps my dogs (even the one with the broken hock) have adjusted just fine!


If you really want a grey, have the time to give it, the love in your heart, I'd say you are ready once you get rid of the 2nd job!


Good luck.



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Guest MyHoodies

I see that you are working two jobs but is there anyway you can visit a local adoption group??? maybe at a Meet & Greet??? That way you have more of a one on one and can possible meet a few greys available... I agree waiting until you only have the one job but thinking it might be best to adopt than foster... I just think it would be best to have a grey that "knows the ropes" as being a pet for a first time owner.. but that is just my opinion. Books are a good read and always lots of help here too.


Best of luck with your decision. Greys are a wonder breed and very loving pets.

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