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Back After A Long Absence, And Introductions :))

Guest bluefawn

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Guest bluefawn

Hello Everyone!

I was on Greytalk in 2004 or 2005, but I had some things going on in my life (personal family illness, job loss, etc.) and wasn't on the internet for a long time. Anyway, I am glad to be back on and I realize, especially over the last few weeks when my beloved Penny was MIS-diagnosed with a tumor on her spine), how absolutely wonderful you all are!! The greyhound community is just awesome and just where I need to be! I promise we won't leave you again :colgate


So ok, here is my info (sorry, but this is long, since I started with the greyhounds in 1992):

I am Karen Chandler, from NC. I was with Greyhound Friends (Oak Ridge, NC) since we were still at Mt. Tabor Vet Hospital, before we moved to the kennel at Gary and Karen's farm in GSO. I was the adoption coordinator and a greyhound adoption rep. I absolutely loved helping care for the greys and going on trips to get more greys, although some of the conditions we encountered back then were not so good, and I was happy to bring home as many as we could get into whatever vehicle we were using. We did not have a van back then. We either borrowed one or rented a van from Triangle Car Rental. I was a regular volunteer, and pretty much did it all - made trips, did turnout & kennel cleanup, feeding, bathing, went around town asking for donations of supplies for the kennel, took greyhounds to any pet store or business who would allow me to sit outside or inside with a grey or three and some info about adoption, organized raffles to raise money for the kennel, etc. I was events coordinator for GF's very first open house. It was a huge success!


After going to various tracks (mostly Tri-Sate in W Va) for a long time, I finally decided it was time for me to bring home one of these regal greys to share my life with. I brought home Lydia (JS Enterprise), a playful black brindle who could sing her heart out for you. I later adopted Sassy (Timeray My Sis). She was a really sweet fawn. Later, on a trip to Plainfield, CT, we brought home 19 greys from there and GF in Hopkinton (we got 2 them from Louise Coleman). Evan, my 3rd GH, picked me on the way home. He was a magnificent blue fawn who was not built like any greyhound I had ever seen. He was the beautiful blue fawn with golden eyes and pink skin all over his tummy, just like a little child would have. He had a blue nose too. He was pretty stocky for a greyhound, and I have not seen another one like him ever. He was my PR dog, and went with me to events and also to a local nursing home every Tues. night. He loved meeting everyone, from other dogs, to children, to the elderly. Later on, I adopted Nash (Nashville Rebel). He was a big 7 yr old blue boy with severe separation anxiety. I adopted Penny in 1998. If you are or were on Greyhound-L, she is one of the original Mississippi puppies. They were an "oops" litter and the bitch and pups were dumped in a muddy field, set on fire, and run over with a truck. The bitch and 2 puppies had non-life threatening injuries, and got new homes pretty quickly. No one wanted to take Penny, as she had such horrific burns all down her right side, and fractures and/or breaks in her neck, scapula, and ribs. I finally contacted Kim Ginn and asked if I could take her. I was an EMT-I (not finished with my Paramedic at that time), and made the 900-mile trip to bring her home. After months of skin scrapes, sub-q fluids, and trying to get her to hold down food, she finally started to make her way back to being pretty healthy, considering.


In 2005, I adopted Katie, a 7 yr old from Senior Sanctury in FL. Katie was a lovely true fawn; I was told she was a "wolf fawn", although I haven't heard of that term again. She was not a red- or blue- or other-color-fawn, just fawn, with black tips on her fur. She is truly a beautiful and graceful creature. She had the worst separation anxiety I have ever seen, and I have fostered hundreds of greyhounds over the years. I really wanted her to stay with Penny and me, as she and Penny got along so well. I tried for more than 6 months to work with her. She would not crate - she tore up everything in the crate, and pulled anything around it that she could reach, into the crate. She had terrible incontinence, which I tried everything for, but to no avail. She chewed up carpets, destroyed all of Penny's toys, and got into everything that was not secured in the house. She was such a good-natured girl, and I was determined to make her happy. My friend Dee (McKimmey) sent me the pheramone plug-in, and some calming wafers. They did nothing to help. I tried some other meds & herbs at the suggestion of my vet, other adopters, and any info I could find on the internet. One of my friends, who had also been at GF since their begging, had recently lost her last grey, and I asked her if she would try Katie to see if she might be happier there. My friend had a day care in her home, and a menagerie of rescued horses, other dogs, kitties, rabbits, various birds, and even a couple of goats. Katie was very happy there, and she particularly loved the goats! At my friend's she could be outside most of the day in the fenced yard, weather permitting. But then last Jan (09), I got a disturbing call from an animal shelter 2 counties away, saying that they had a dog whose microchip led them to call me. It was Katie! It was snowing heavily, but I drove the 50 miles to get her. She lit up like a Christmas tree when she saw me!! She had on a dirty coat. When the kennel guy led me to her, she started dancing around. He lifted her coat, and I fell to my knees on the concrete and cried out. She was absolutely skin and bones!!! It was horrible!! I asked him how they came to have her. He said that someone put her in the outside "drop-off" pen (which is a 3x5-foot slab of concrete with chain-link fencing around it), sometime during the night. Now this is January, and it had snowed all night, and all she had on was this dog coat. He said she was very cold when they had brought her in that morning, and that she wolfed down the food and water they gave her. I was still sobbing all the way home, and took pics of Katie, and sent them to Dee. I gave her a nice warm bath, wrapped her in another dry bath sheet, and let her lie on the sofa and get re-acquainted with Penny. I tried to call my "friend", who had promised to give Katie back to me if she ever moved or if her circumstances changed, but she did not do that), but she would not answer her phone. I tried for 2 weeks to call her. She sent me a text saying that "Katie is fine". (What????) I called her again and left her a message that Katie was NOT fine, and that she was in a safe place. I never heard from her again, and she is one of the area's biggest equine rescuers and head of the local ERL. Anyway, Katie went right back to her destructive behavior, and with me just losing my job and my Mom having become very ill, I just could not take on this huge task again. I went back to Dee, and through her, got Katie back to SS in FL. (Thank you again DEE!). I MISS Katie very much, and I feel like a failure because she is the ONLY greyhound since 1992 that I have not been able to successfully rehabilitate and provide special needs for.

That's my story! I am sorry that it's a book, but hey, there are 18 years of my history with Greyhounds to write here! :colgate

I have thought about having another senior come and live with Miss Penny and me, and I have not looked for another one, but if I do it will be a senior who really, really needs a good and loving home.

I feel like I am home, being back here on GT!!

Gentle Hugs,

Karen and Miss Penny

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Guest isntitgreyt

Welcome back!! So glad you and Penny found each other!! She sounds like a wonderful girl who is a survivor. Sorry to hear about Katie... you did the right thing for her though. And thank doG she had that microchip! You did forget one thing that's a rule around here... PICTURES :lol

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Guest 4dogscrazy

Welcome back, though I am still pretty much a newbie! :) Your story is amazing, I had never heard the "mississippi dog's story" and geez that is just awful!


As far as Katie goes, I do not think you are a failure! You were in her life for a reason, and you have done the right thing! Thank goodness she is microchipped with your info, I shudder to think what would have happened if the dog would have been returned to that woman. I have a dog with mild SA (compared to Katie!) and I can manage her problems, but it is really hard. The BEST thing you can do is make a decision based on what is best for the dog, and too many people try to "save face" and the dog suffers, which is clearly the case here. This woman did not want to admit she failed, which is a shame since it looks like you made it clear you would take her back. And the text...my lord. :angryfire Katie will be headed for her forever home, I truly believe there is someone out there who will be able to offer her what she needs.


I am sure your next dog will find you, and probably soon since you are on here, lol!

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Welcome back, Karen! :wave I remember some of your stories from years ago. :)

Jeanne with Remington & Scooter the cat
....and Beloved Bridge Angels Sandee, Shari, Wells, Derby, Phoenix, Jerry Lee and Finnian.....
If tears could build a stairway, and memories a lane, I'd walk right up to heaven
and bring you home again.

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Guest bluefawn

s for Katie, here is my picture with her, on our Gotcha Day


and then this next one from where she was dumped in a shelter (where she would have been killed if they had not found and scanned her microchip with my name on it). This is what she looked like when I picked her up from the shelter (after a bath). This is what made me fall to my knees! This is a result of a past president of Greyhound Friends NC letting this beautiful girl get into the hands of irresponsible people, instead of giving her back to me as she promised, when her living situation changed. Needless to say, she is not available for comment. Katie is now back in FL and has found a new home there.


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Welcome back, Karen.

What a journey you and the kids have been on these past years.

I hope you are soon able to find a job and your Mother's health improves.

You deserve a good bit of luck after all this.

The Katie story breaks my heart, but relived that she is and hopefully forever safe and sound.

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It breaks my heart when humans treat an any animal so badly. All the animals you have saved have been so lucky you were there for them. God bless you.

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