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Tickets And Tech Support Week Of 20 Feb


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I had to use the net at Panera last night at dinner and now I'm at Barnes and Noble until they close. The net in my room and lobby just is not working. I will be heading to a different hotel tomorrow as I sort of need access to do a bunch of stuff for the house while I'm here.


So I can't do much until I have real net access and won't do much other than simple ticket stuff as I don't like to access that stuff while we are on the road with unsecured networks.

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I do what I can, but I am limited also. I can't do images, avatars, passwords or stuff like that. I'll try to keep up and if it's something I can't do, I'll reply to the sender so they know what is going on. I'll put the ticket on hold until Trudy can address it.

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