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Guest Bean_Scotch

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Guest Bean_Scotch

This is sort of a spin off of a couple threads and just curious what others do...I think this will also help out others looking for vets and prices in certain areas etc...

For my 3 9-year old greys my vet recommends the following every year:

Physical~ 57.00

Senior Bloodwork~ $150.00

Heartworm test- 50.00


Vaccines are on a 3 year protocol...

Rabies- 30.00

DHLPP-20.00 or so.

Kennel Cough-11.00.


I get HW tests done every 2 years(on prevention year round). I used to vacinate them, but have quit since they turned 9. I do physicals every year. I'd to bloodwork if necessary for anesthetic purproses etc, but not on a yearly basis. Fecal's I don't due as they are inconclusive anyway...it's cheaper to worm once a year or so.


so what do you do?

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Guest mcsheltie

I do:

Yearly physicals & dental checks - $50 If dentals are needed - $132 (which covers blood work, IV fluids, fluoride treatment and sealer)

If they don't get a dental I do yearly blood work - $40

HW testing each spring (I only do preventive during the infectious season)-$35

I don't do fecals unless there is a specific problem. I worm quarterly - $11 per dog/yearly

I do not vaccinate mature dogs. I run titer tests every three years and so far no one has needed anything - $50-$75

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Guest Energy11

Mine are ages 8-9.5 now, so I believe in yearly exams and bloodwork. I don't vaccinate them for anything except Rabies, and Bordetella anymore. Except for the vet, they don't go around other dogs anymore, and I no longer work at the vet, where I could bring home things. I would always do yearly exams, and bloodwork, though.

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Guest FastDogsOwnMe

No fecals, no heartworm tests, no annual shots, and I don't do bloodwork on dogs without a reason, except my 13 year old

Rabies every three years at animal control

Never had to get a dental on a dog


But in case it is not obvious, they get Ivermectin routinely and are dewormed for everything every few months

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We use a 3-year rotation for vaccines except for lepto (annually!) and bordetella (depends on our travel/group event plans).



Heartworm test usually annually but I tend to wait till blood is drawn for something else.


Fecal, urinalysis, and bloodwork end up being @ annually but I usually don't do any of those at vaccine time. There've been times when I skipped @ a year for the younger dogs but usually somebody will have an infection, need anaesthesia, need a certificate for school, etc. that I want to do those tests for.


I think my costs are a good bit cheaper than OP's. "Big guns" bloodwork with the separate tube for accurate platelet count was $85 last time I had it done, heartworm I think is $20 or less, office visit (where the vet actually does something besides give a shot) maybe $30.

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Guest budsmom

Mine get DHLPP yearly and their annual physical with that ~ $45.00. Rabies every 3 years per law, heartworm test every year (I forget what that costs). They get heartworm preventative and frontline ~ 6-8 months of the year. I live in tick central and Lyme's is rampant which is why the frontline, (it's also mosquito central, La Crosse has it's own strain of encephalitis). I got the Lyme vaccine the first year I had the hounds, but my vet really doesn't recommend it, he says frontline is more effective. They've both had baseline blood work at about 5 yrs old, haven't done a senior panel yet (they're only going to be 8). They get the distemper combo for the distemper and lepto, it's not uncommon to have critters even in the city here.


Cats get rabies every 3 years per law, everything else every other year. I mainly do the other stuff for the cats just so they get a "physical" periodically. They're indoor only and never go anywhere.

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Two dogs, one nearly 10, one nearly 7. Both are on thyroxine. Our vet charges for office visits only if they see the doctor(s); no office visit charge if we only see the techs.


DHPP $19.50

Bordatella $20.00

Annual Wellness Exam $36.00

Occult Heartworm Test $32.00

Rabies Vaccine-3 year $36.00

General Senior Profile $89.00 (this was Jacey's pre-dental labwork, and included her annual heartworm test and thyroid check)

Sam will need bloodwork later this year; given his age, it probably will be a General Senior Profile.


Jacey's dental:

Canine Dental (25-50 pounds--she's tiny) $125.00

Dental Stage 3/4 $20.00

Surgery IV Catheter/Fluids $36.00

Rimadyl Injection $23.00

Baytril Injection $37.00

Extraction Molar Simple $36.00 (total for two teeth)

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Guest FullMetalFrank

We do a yearly well check usually in conjunction with vaccines (lepto yearly, rabies and DAP every three years, except for Frank who won't be getting any more except for rabies because it's required by law.) Frank is on thyroid meds so he gets a blood panel done. That's about it! I have not had to do a dental on either dog. Oh, and they are ten and almost 8. They are on Ivomec for about half the year.

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Guest mcsheltie

Vets are able to issue exemptions for the rabies vax. All vaccines state on the bottle that they are to be given to healthy dogs only. My vet would give an exception for a thyroid dog. A dog with a thyroid problem is not healthy. The same with allergies. If you wanted to cover all bases you could also get a titer run to prove to the state that your dog has immunity.

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