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Maggie Has Gone To The Bridge...

Guest Nan

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...After having her for only 12 days.


Night before last, she had some diarrhea and yesterday morning, she began to vomit. She had no energy but we thought that she might just have some tummy troubles and we began to watch her closely. Her breath had gotten HORRID over the past couple of days, too.


By about 9:30am, she started panting and her right eye filled up with mucus. For you Arizonans, I immediately called Doc Yocham who vets all the greys for Arizona Adopt-A-Greyhound; he had vetted Mags on January 18th. I spoke to Doc personally and he said to bring her immediately, which I did.


Her temp was 104.7 (normal 101). He drew blood, told me she was dehydrated (she had been drinking water...) And we waited for the results.


Her blood work troubled him deeply. He suspected she was in full uremic poisoning and that her kidneys, and maybe other organs, were failing.


It happened so fast. At 9 1/2, she wasn't ever super active, but she was playing with toys and taking walks on Sunday.


He said, "This old girl has crumpled fast. In my opinion, it is time to let her go."


We just got her on February 5.

So we called my husband, explained the situation, and we...did what we had to do.


The house feels so strange. We were so thrilled to have her and we all adored her. And now she's gone....I've never experienced this fast, shocking demise before.


MAGGIE... :( ....we love you so...

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Guest goofydog

Thank you for giving her a loving, comfortable home, even if for a short while. She crossed to the Bridge knowing how very cherished she was. God speed Maggie and hugs to you Nan.

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Guest luckydog

Our first greyhound, Jed (Jedediah), was with us for only 1 week, and then 1 more week of vet/hell, before it was decided to let him go. I still have his picture as my computer wallpaper. We barely knew him, but he died as our pet, not some abandoned dog, waiting for a soft bed.


I feel your pain and I know your pain. Run free, Maggie! Jed was waiting for you over the Bridge.

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:f_red We understand how you feel. We also lost one only after having him for two weeks. But it was so worth it to have loved him and have him here with us. She was loved and cherished while she was with you. Although you couldn't have her longer, what you gave her was what she needed and it was good that she was with you.
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I'm so very sorry. Someone wrote to a friend of mine who lost their greyhound puppy after one week. "You could have loved her longer, but you couldn't have loved her more." You gave her the greatest gift - to be a beloved family member.

http://i57.photobucket.com/albums/g240/mtbucket/siggies/Everyday-2.jpgJane - forever servant to the whims and wishes of Maggie (L's Magnolia of JCKC) and Sam the mutt pup.[/b]

She's classy, sassy and a bit smart assy.

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I am so sorry. Just remember that you were the last person she knew. She loved  you as much as  you love her. I believe they don't remember anything about their past when they come to live with us. To them, we are their pre-heaven. The only difference is you're not there with her. But she's okay, so many have gone before her to get things ready so when she got there, she was right at home. 


I am so sorry.  :gh_lay



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