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Should I Change Their Sleeping Area?

Guest Sandy

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Sandy and Fallon sleep in the lounge and love it in there. But every now and then Fallon has an accident (either wee or poo) on average about 2-4 times per month. They go out on three walks per day and have a late night toilet visit before they go to bed. I think the problem is that he has too much space downstairs (it's a very long open plan space). He is also a spook and new noises freak him out.


He never messes in the lounge but it is impossible for me to close him in their as the doorway is very wide. I have a spare room at the back of the house (still open plan but easy to close off).


I would feel bad putting them there as it's not an area they ever use but feel I have no choice as I am sick of these accidents. They also HATE any kind of change but I will have to get over that myself as well and just make it all cosy for them and leave them with treats before I go out.






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yes,by all means. whose house it it anyway?


i have changed sleeping areas often. my dogs just look forward to their cookie before bed and it doesn't matter where it is, as long as they get it. at one point i had them sleeping in my spare room and then changed it back to the area adjacent to the dining room table. it was too cold in the spare room(50-55 degrees at night). they were hysterical when i got the cookie out of the cookie jar and ran to the wrong place even though their beds and crates were infront of their nose. dogs adjust really well. keep them on their toes and don't transfer you anxiety.

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Guest Swifthounds

When he has accidents, is the stool formed or big D?


Here's what I would try:


1. Try leaving a portable radio on low volume at night. This can mask noises that might startle him.


2. Make a longer potty trip at night. Especially with dogs that are walked for potty, keeping them outside and walking for a few minutes after they have done both stresses to them that they should pee and poop when pottied (and that doing one doesn't get them back inside where there more comfy - and warmer/cooler). Taking them back inside after they've done something over time conditions them to only pee or poop, but not both.


3. I wouldn't leave treats or food goodies with multiple dogs unless they're crated - too much risk of competition or injury. Dogs can live for years with no issue, but it only takes once for the dogs to pay a huge price. With an already spooky dog, this can be a big setback.


4. You might want to try the smaller room. Some dogs are comforted by a smaller space. The only way to know is to try. If you do that, though, make sure your attitude is positive and you don't unintentionally telegraph to them that this normally unused space is a bad place. IF you act like being in the special nighttime room is a privilege, they will too.

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Guest LindsaySF

Can you have them sleep in the same room as you? Most dogs like being with their people, but also you can hear them if they get up and take them outside if necessary.



He never messes in the lounge but it is impossible for me to close him in their as the doorway is very wide.

You can buy an exercise pen and place that in front of the doorway. They also make very wide pet gates.





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