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A Year Ago...we Lost Our Heart Dogs


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Dear Wendel and Chip a Roo Roo,

My oh my how time goes by quickly. Trying to grasp the acknowledgement of your passing on to the rainbow bridge is still heart wrenching. We have missed both of you terribly.


As we still grieve for you, we have some peace that you are ok. Tina was very specific in all that you two had to tell us and we are grateful for an animal communicator to know things no one else would know about that day.


I love you Chippy!! YOU were my heart dog..and will always be my heart dog. WE could never ever be mad at you and we hope that one day...you can forgive yourself.


Wendel...you are so dear to my heart. you were the rock that kept things so happy in this house. We love you so very much. Thankyou for coming into our lives..Thankyou for the unconditional love you gave each one of us.


You will always remain my wendel leany!


To my boys.....until we meet again...our hearts will never heal.



mommy, daddy

tessa, moose and storm

In loving Memory of: 

Chip, Wendell, Tessa, Moose, Moody, Noble Storm, Thunder, Gracie, Duke



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