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Guest shchinchillas

Hello Everyone,

My name is Megan. I was a member many years ago, when I first adopted my greyhound, Venus. It would have been around end of 2001/ early 2002 that I would have joined(at the nice young age of 12!). I ended up not staying active, and loosing track of the forum. Venus is now almost 12, and is starting to really show signs of becoming a senior. I've noticed she has started losing weight, is slowing down more and more :(. I figured i'd come back to brush up on my greyhound knowledge, and see if I can find threads/information on senior greys to make her last years as comfortable as I can.


A little bit about me: I'm now 21, currently going to school to be a Medical Assistant(Graduating in May), but will be starting pre-vet courses in the fall. I am a breeder of chinchillas, which are a small animal. I've got a small rescue pomerian/chihuahua mix,Daisy who is about 10(never knew her age wwhen we adopted her), and a 3 year old rescued American Pit Bull Terrier, Gavin who I think has kept Venus young in good spirits, and in shape. He'll play with her, but only as rough as she can take it--and always lets her win when doing laps in the yard(something she is SO proud of). MMy boyfriend and I also have two horses, and three goats together as well at his farm :). So I'm very busy with all my critters, but I wouldn't have it any other way!


Here's Daisy




Gavin, he was in mid-stalk of Venus:



Venus--She HATES coats. Put a coat on her, she won't move.. in the 9 years we've had her, we couldn't get her to accept a coat LOL


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Guest Capslock

Venus is a beauty! All of them are, actually. If she's still doing laps around the yard and playing with your pitt, then she sounds like she's doing great! I think it's normal for a senior to lose some weight so make sure she has plenty to eat, and you might want to supplement her food a bit.

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