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Ripley Got His First Jammies Today

Guest dwolfe711

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Guest dwolfe711

Ripley has always been warm-blooded - and so as our others got older and minded the cold, they all got jammies from Mary Mills at V-Naught but Ripley never did. This winter he seems to be minding the cold so I finally got around to ordering him a pair of jammies from Mary. He's such a big boy that she made them to his measurements so they would fit well. They arrived today - he is wearing them now - he looks very handsome and I love the way they turned out. So tomorrow I will try to get a pic of him and of all three of them wearing their "Aunt Mary" jammies. They look very cute in them and they seem to be okay with keeping them on in this cold weather. Thanks to Mary for another great pair of jammies!!



Pics posted 2/7:


The pups were not cooperating but here are the pics I could get - I guess most would call these shirts but to us they are "Jammies" -





Ripley and Apollo






Ripley is so comfy in his new jammies curled up with his SS blankie on the couch


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