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Couto Email?

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When you're sending emails to Dr Couto it's always a good idea to CC the main GHWP That way if Dr C's in box is full, he's busy or he's out of town someone else can answer and get things moving for you. To get the main clinic email address use the link at the bottom of my siggy.

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He is great about answering emails-I know he does so in the wee hours, so hopefully tomorrow morning you'll have a response. If by chance you end up in Ohio for a consult-you have a place to stay with us!

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I thought it was couto1@osu.edu, but email to that address bounce back to me. Can anyone tell me what it is? Thanks!

I know that you have gotten the info, but thought I would include this anyway for others reading this.


OSU Greyhound Health and Wellness Program:

Phone: (614) 247-6757

Email: greyosu@osu.edu


This email goes to the team. If Dr. Couto is traveling, you may get a quicker answer from one of his team members:


Dr. Couto, Department Head, Greyhound Medicine, Oncolology and Hematology

Dr. Lili Marin, Greyhound Oncology

Dr. Sara Zaldivar, Greyhound Medicine

Dr. Cristina Iazbik, Blood Bank Director and Hematologist

Dr. Urie, Resident

Dawn Hudson, Vet Tech

Ashley DeFelice, Vet Tech


Dr. Urie is from the United States. All of the other vets are originally from Spanish speaking countries. If you have trouble understanding them over the phone, you might ask for Dr. Urie or one of the vet techs to "translate".


Dr. Couto's direct email is:


His phone number is the same. If he is in town, he typically returns emails in the early hours of the morning.


You should know that (in my humble opinion) they need more staff. Unfortunately finances do not permit it at this time. I think they do about 20 consults a day along with all of their "in canine" patients. There is no charge for phone/email consultations. Depending on their workload there may be a wait for the consultation.


If you decide to visit OSU please contact me. I may be able to put you up in a local home, provide moral support, or just help with logistics:




The main number for the veterinary hospital is 614-292-3551

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