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N J Ophthalmologist Vs. Regular Vet/ Recommendations?

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Not only non-grey, but non-canine: I apologize in advance if this post is inappropriate for H&M - please move if necessary! Last month I adopted a shelter cat who turned out to have entropion of both his lower eyelids, and he'll need surgery. I've already got a quote from the regular vet on the procedure (can't afford it until my tax refund comes!).


But in talking to several people, I'm thinking maybe it would be safer to have an ophtalmologist do the surgery. There are only a few in NJ - just wondering if anyone's had any experience with them? Has anyone had a general vet do entropion repair surgery on their cat or dog, and what were the results? Thanks! :)


Here's Bear...the shelter pictures are the only ones where you can really see his eyes:




Maryann, Bama (TW Beltram), Stephanie (Tom's Stepinhi) & Henderson the Cardigan Welsh Corgi

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Guest Swifthounds

I can highly recommend Dr. Kristina Vygantas at Northstar



This practice is a specialty referral practice, but my experience with them has been so positive, when I've had minor ADR issues I would rather pay the bit extra as an emergency fee (you can come in 24/7 for anything as an emergency and skip the referral step) to use them. My senior boy who has always been frail and special needs (a JCKC dog) had a corneal ulcer last year at age 11. After 3 weeks and meds, and $$$ at the regular vet, I went to Dr. Vygantas. They did a laser ablation under light sedation, gave him some meds for the pain, and he was healed in about 6 days.


This is the same practice that was able to diagnose my Prancer's bladder/prostate cancer after weeks of tests and meds at the regular vets. The vet who does the ultrasound was supposed to have left for the day but waited (on a Saturday) for us to get there by late afternoon.


A lot of folks think specialty practices are more expensive. I can't speak for others, but this practice, that has not been my experience. The ultrasound they did cost me $50 less and I didn't have to wait 3 more days - and the e-vet did a full exam before he went back for the ultrasound.


My same senior boy got a scrape that scabbed, started to heal, and then the skin tore from the body wall and a lump filled with fluid. My Mom rushed him to the vet rather than make him wait for me to get home. They wanted to do full anesthesia, open up the would, do extensive tissue removal and keep him overnight - tot he tune of $1,500-2,500. VSDS saw him as an emergency, put him under light sedation and pain meds, opened the wound, flushed it, and put a drain in. He went home about 90 minutes after getting there - and came out of the back a bit groggy from the pain meds, but happy as a clam. It cost nowhere near what the other practice estimated (less than 1/2 the low end).


What really made me feel good about this practice was that they really listen to what you are telling them. When I told them that my concern was putting my creaky old man through extensive surgery under full anesthesia, they understood.


Many regular vets can do the surgery. I would call around and speak with a few, and not rule out specialty practices.

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We took Mabel to see Dr. Holmberg at The Animal Eye Clinic of NJin Little Falls when she had an injury that was not healing right - she is now on long term drops due to a probable mild auto-immune issue.


We were very happy with the care received.


Karen with Mabel (Googly Spin b 1/06- ), Fidel (galgo b c2013), and bridge kids Dublin (J's Texmex 1996-12/31/01), Daisy (Assurance 8/8/95-9/26/07), and Bubba (Kelsos Irony b 5/99-8/19/10)

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Thanks for the input, everybody! :) Have to research & make final decision. But if we go with the specialist, I don't want it to be too far away, so I'd lean toward either Red Bank or Animal Eye Center (I'm in Carteret).


When I adopted Bear, he came with a certificate for a free visit at a certain vet, which is who we got the estimate from.

I think I'll take him to my regular vet, see what they say, and take it from there!

Maryann, Bama (TW Beltram), Stephanie (Tom's Stepinhi) & Henderson the Cardigan Welsh Corgi

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