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Observations Of L-Leucine Supplementation

Guest killdawabbit

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Guest killdawabbit

My staggy runs himself ragged. The problem is He's only capable of eating 2 cups of dry food (Orijen puppy) a day with out getting sick. One of the things I started doing was added 1/2 tsp of l-leucine to his night time meal to help with protein and calorie absorbtion. He's put on a lot of lean fast twitch muscle. But here's the kicker I put him on l-leucine 2 weeks on 2 weeks off. He's a year and a half Neutered male and never lifts his leg except when he is taking the l-leucine. On the 2 weeks off he could care less about marking his territory.


If I had a lab I would check his TSL and LH levels every two weeks to find out whats going on.


Anyone have an answer?

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