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Shadow Had A Broken Tooth And I Didn't Know


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Shadow went in for a dental today and I just got the call that everything went fine. They let me know that his only extraction was the broken tooth on the right side :blink: I didn't even know he had a broken tooth!


Now, I brush his teeth about every other day, but I guess I don't look that close, I just stick the brush under his lip and start moving before he can spit it out. That must have been so ouchy, poor thing!


The good news is that, at the age of (almost) 12, this is only the third tooth he's lost, so he's going pretty good. And I bet he'll feel a whole lot better with that tooth gone.


Poor little man, sorry I didn't notice that and get it taken care of for you sooner!

Jenn, missing Shadow (Wickford Big Tom), Pretty Girl (C's Pretty) and Tori (Santoria)

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I wouldn't beat yourself up. It is totally possible the tooth wasn't even bothering him. Our Bumper has several cracked teeth from crate chewing at the track and we periodically test his sensitivities and so far, so good. And his teeth are in bad shape - enamel and dentin warn down to the roots on all teeth from the canines (including them) forward. He will likely have them all pulled when they start bothering him, but for now, he seems fine despite the carnage in there. We feed raw and his gums are in great shape, though. It's just the front teeth that are so bad.

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