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Trouble Pooping

Guest robert

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The last day or so, my 5-year-old male grey has been having what appears to be a little trouble pooping. He'll hunch over like he's about to start. Then he'll stop with no results, find another spot and try again. He did go a little this morning, but not as much as usual. Yesterday, he also went twice during the same short walk. I haven't noticed any other symptoms or signs of discomfort. No vomiting or attempts to vomit. No loss of appetite. If it makes any difference, he was given medication for a tapeworm around 2 weeks ago.


The consistency of what he has done is the same as always. No major diet changes, although his morning feeding was delayed by a few hours today. I should also mention that I've only had him for about a month now. He was with a foster before this for a couple of months after leaving the track.


Any thoughts?





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Two thoughts.

I don't know much about tape worm treatment, but that would be my first thought. His body is trying to rid itself of the dead ones. yuk. He may also need another course of treatment.


Or, his tummy is upset from said treatment, or something completely unrelated, and he has some gas. Mine will make attempts with no results if they have a gas build up.


Hopefully someone has some further insights.

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Where do you live, and what are the weather conditions? Is he actually straining or just semi-squatting and then moving on? My girl gets really picky about finding a spot when the grass is covered up with crusty snow, and sometimes she'll look about to go but then seem to think "Nah, not here...". So I'm just wondering if it's possible that the issue isn't pooping per se but finding a spot... it certainly might be medical but I'm just offering another possibility.

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Something you could do that would cause no harm would be to feed him a bit of raw chicken liver.


As a raw feeder, the adage is that organ meat loosens stools. Start small -- say 1/2 of a liver. You can do that a couple of times a day if you don't get results after the first time. Don't feed too many. That will probably get you to the Big D.

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