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Seed Wart Photo

Guest greyhoundgirl1

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Guest greyhoundgirl1

I have been researching seed warts on Greytalk because I think that is what my grey has. It's not on the pad but behind the toe near the webbing. Long and cauliflower looking. I don't know how to post the pic of it on my grey or I'd do so. It seems that any photo of a seed wart is missing from Greytalk and there isn't any in the book The Care of Greyhounds either. My vet has squeezed it out a couple of times but it has returned. I'd like to suggest the bleach method to my vet that was suggested here, but I would like to show my vet a a photo.

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Passion had one when I first got her

Someone at the greyhound event that we were at squeeze it out like a pimple

It never did come back though

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Kari and the pups.
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Guest GreysAndMoreGreys

I'll check with our trainer and ask him next time one of the racers has a seed wart to get a photo of it.

I know I don't have one right now.


I do know that if it is a seed wart you have to squeeze the thing pretty dang hard to make sure you get all the "stuff" out. Normally they bleed pretty good as well.

I just called our trainer to ask what sort of product he puts on them after he squeezes the stuff out and he said that you have to wait until the bleeding stops and then he puts on Tea Tree oil.


Oh and he said that the stuff that comes out should look like brains :lol

Gotta love JT :D

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Guest TheDoggfather

bah... I hate seed warts. And it's just as Heather explained... brains. I'd suggest muzzling your dog if your vet REALLY wants to get the whole thing out of there. If s/he doesn't, then it'll continue to come back again and again.

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